The Need for Governance

All organisations will require an integrated view of all information security activities to reduce risk, demonstrate business value, and optimise their people, processes, and technology.

We help customers to determine causal agents better through attestation reports that check the access their staff have to various applications; and real time displays of provisioning rates, authentication loads and login failures.

We are committed to helping our customers deploy Governance solutions. We have numerous certified Governance specialists with backgrounds in Incident Response, Compliance, Policy, Risk, Business Continuity, and Vendor Management.

We provide our customers managers with the access management information necessary to do their jobs.

Identity governance products enable organisations to define, enforce, review and audit IAM policy, but also map IAM functions to compliance requirements and in turn audit user access to support compliance reporting.

Craig Gilmour Chief Identity Architect UNIFY Solutions

Our Solution

We help our customers centralise identity data, roles, business policy and risk modelling to support compliance initiatives and user lifecycle management. We also help our customers streamline compliance controls and improve audit performance through automated access certifications and policy enforcement. In FY18 we offer our customers the choice of vendors positioned highly in relevant Gartner Magic Quadrants and KuppingerCole Leadership Compasses. However, our focus is on SailPoint for Microsoft environments and the emerging capabilities of Saviynt. Each of these can be integrated with UNIFY Identity Broker which enables connectivity into a wide range of on-premises and Cloud-based authoritative sources such as HR & Payroll applications.

We design, implement and support the governance solutions we recommend.


In FY18, some of our customers might decide to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR implementation deadline of May 2018 is rapidly approaching and most organizations that decide to comply cannot rely on past regulatory compliance in order to meet these sweeping new standards.

New mandates in the GDPR include:

  • Stringent rules for the protection, management and control of any EU citizenry personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Significant financial penalties for data breaches involving EU citizen PII, ranging from a minimum of €20 million up to 4% of an organization’s global annual revenue
  • Required material changes in how and where organizations store customer data
  • A mandate to report data breaches within 72 hours of discovery
  • An increase in an organization’s obligation as its opportunity for risk grows

GDPR compliance with identity governance, enabling enterprise organizations to confidently assess risk, strengthen controls, and automate detection and audit processes.

Partners in spotlight


UNIFY Solutions and Axenic have worked together since 2015. Axenic’s track record in providing grounded, quality security advice is a natural fit to providing Identity and Access Management solutions as a key component to reducing risk.


Meeco was created with the purpose to empower people to own and benefit directly from their personal data. Reward is not just about money; it is what matters to you. Meeco is about helping you gain the insight and have the data to negotiable better outcomes for you and your family.