In association with the Identity and Access Management Training Academy, The MIM Team aims to help customers become as self-sufficient as they want to become. This customer focused drive sets us apart in an industry that wants customers to rely on external skills and services.

Accordingly, The MIM Team proudly offers The MIM Team Mentor Program to end customer staff and graduates of Training Academy courses. We know that you will encounter challenges in your Microsoft based identity management environment that you may not have had the depth of training or experience to solve. The MIM Team Mentor Program provides you with a vehicle to obtain advice when you need it to help you develop and support your organisation’s identity and access management system.

The MIM Team Mentors are the best of the best. While many MIM practitioners seek membership of The MIM Team , The MIM Team members aspire to be a Mentor. You can see their profiles on the team page.

The Mentor Program is highly structured to ensure that you receive timely assistance at a time also suitable to the Mentors. Their services include -

  • Answering emails
  • Pre-scheduled phone or web meetings
  • Reviewing customer-generated designs, test plans or documentation

The Mentor Program is in no way a support contract or a consultancy to design or develop systems. Therefore it does not include -

  • Direct access to the customer systems for modifications or troubleshooting.
  • Writing designs, proposals or any other documentation.

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