The MIM Team User Group is an online forum that is open to all people working with Microsoft Identity Management. We regularly host one-hour web conferences to discuss Microsoft Identity Management topics or view presentations by people doing great work in the industry.

How does it work?

The meetings are held on Skype for Business. An invitation with the link will be sent by email a few days before the meeting. It is recommended that you check your connectivity and sound equipment well in advance of the meeting.

How do I join?

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How do I watch the recordings of previous meetings?

All meetings are recorded with presented content and sound. The recordings are available by clicking Minutes for each previous meeting listed below.

How do I access scripts and codes mentioned in past meetings?

The MIM Team Community website provides a number of scripts and tools that members of The MIM Team have shared as open source for the wider community. This includes the FIM MA Replay Management Agent, Automatic Documenting scripts, and much more. The majority of this is made available under the MIT license.


Lithnet AutoSync for Microsoft Identity Manager
Ryan will be talking about his latest tool - Lithnet AutoSync for Microsoft Identity Manager
David Cassady on Unlocking the Connector Space and Darren Robinson Password Sync with PCNS
The presentation will be over unlocking the Connector Space using the open source CS Reporting Tool
The Intersection of Finance and Identity Management: Routing Your Way to Project Approval
Learn how to best persuade executives of the value of Identity Management
Introduction to FIM Workflow Programming with PowerShell
FIM 2010 is a great workflow engine capable of hosting custom workflow activities to perform a multitude of tasks. Those custom workflows are typically written in C# using Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), two tools that present a steep learning curve for the average IT Pro
Using Azure AD WebApps and other Azure resources with MIM by Kent Nordström, Session also features a custom MIM tool demonstration by Jeff Ingalls
In a recent project I have been using Azure WebApps and other Azure resources in combination with MIM
Managing Identity in Dynamics CRM 2016/365 with MIM 2016
An overview of the different entity objects in Dynamics CRM.
AzureAD V2: Microsoft's releases and plans for PowerShell on Azure.
With Microsoft planning the GA release of AzureAD V2, Rob talks about Microsoft’s releases and plans for PowerShell on Azure
Alumni licensing in O365 when you have AADSync and want to disable the on-prem account & Managing O365 licenses: Identity Management approach.
Scripting can provide some automation, but see how to take this to the next level with an Identity Management approach, and realize the benefits.
Building mobile apps for the MIM/FIM and PAM services with PowerApps
Setting up a basic mobile app using Microsoft PowerApps that can communicate with the PAM web services, or the FIM/MIM service via the Lithnet REST API.
MIM 2016 Handbook and CMMonitor
David and Jeff gave an overview of the writing process and how they developed the content for their forthcoming MIM 2016 Handbook
Disaster Avoidance
Bob gave an overview of the types of data-driven disasters that can beset an IAM solution. He presented a number of different approaches to avoiding these types of problems, and shared a script that can be used to detect possible problems.
The MIM/FIMWAL Workflow Activity Library
The MIMWAL is a powerful solution accelerator for MIM / FIM that provides foundational activities
MIM 2016 PAM module
Peter Stapf presented an overview of the new MIM 2016 Privileged Access Module (PAM) along with a demonstration
Cool Solutions: A two-Sync Service solution, and a Bulk Upload utility
Peter Stapf presented a FIM Sync architecture using two Sync Servers to manage accounts in multiple forests including Dev/Test accounts linked to the Prod identity; Ike Ugochuku presented his Bulk Upload tool for the FIM Service which uses Ryan Newington’s PowerShell interface.
FIM Reporting with SPLUNK
Shane and Alan demonstrated the FIM Operations Management and Troubleshooting Dashboard they have developed in Splunk Cloud
Why IAM solutions need Business Analysis
Doug gave an overview of the roles a BA can play through the lifecycle of an IAM project
Experiences with BHOLD
Eihab gave an overview of the BHOLD components and shared his experiences from a couple of BHOLD projects he’s been working on in the last year
MIM 2016 Preview and Reporting
Sharon shared a presentation of the new hybrid Reporting features in MIM 2016
A new FIM client
Ryan Newington has developed an entirely new FIM Client which has a far simplified interface than the existing open-source client
Using the FIM Portal as and Administrative Tool
Kent shared what he has learned when implementing the FIM Portal using OOB functionality as administrative tool for Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365 and other applications
How does Identity Management Impact the Bottom Line
David showed how you can persuasively sell Identity Management to business leaders by aligning with the organization’s objectives and illustrating its impact on the company’s bottom line
Dynamic RCDC using jquery
Demonstration of Create Person RCDC with dynamically lockable fields
FIM Event Broker
The recorded session will give you a better idea of what event-driven FIM sync means and looks like with FIM Event Broker
All about data
The recorded session covers a bag of tricks around estimating data quality, joins, implementing change, communicating data expectations and maintaining data quality.
Desired State Configuration (DSC) for FIM
Craig started with an overview of PowerShell DSC and recommended some good resources for finding out more
Business Rules MA
Ryan demonstrated his impressive Business Rules MA, which is a SQL-based framework for building all your data-transformation and data-generation rules
Open Source Custom Workflow Library
A walkthrough of Søren’s open source Custom Workflow Library
Recent innovations at Predica
The presentation covers a SharePoint-led way to extend the FIM Portal UI
Reporting - FIM vs custom alternatives
Alternatives to OOB FIM reporting
Discussion Topic: FIM and System Center integration
Discussion Topic: FIM and System Center integration
How to use the new Sync vNext Engine to onboard to AAD with a multi-forest AD on-prem environment
Andreas from the FIM Product Group presents.
Best-Practices for declarative and 'less-code' FIM solutions
Kent shares lessons learned from the field when building FIM solutions where ‘codeless’ has been one of the goals. He also shows how he does data transformations when codeless is not possible.
Auto-document your FIM Portal Solution
Two scripted approaches will be presented and shared a visual representation of your portal policy produced in Visio, and a complete configuration document produced in Word
Replay your FIM MA
How to create, configure, and leverage a ‘Replay’ instance of a Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager Connector
Certificate Manager and Virtual Smartcards
How to create, configure, and manage Virtual Smart Cards using the tmpvscmgr.exe CLI provided by Microsoft and Forefront Identity Manager Certificate Management.
Impact of deprecated features
This session will go over various deprecated features that the FIM product group have announced are to be eliminated in future releases
Custom UI Extensions to the FIM Portal
How to overcome the limited extensibility of FIM RCDC with UI components that are completely customizable and allow for code behind and AJAX
FIMMobile - mobile app for FIM approval, groups and password reset
FIM Mobile provides secure access to the Microsoft® Forefront Identity Manager 2010 portal via Windows Phone, iPhone and iPad
An introduction to the PowerShell MA
How to configure it (schema, import, export and PCNS scripts) and a demo of using the MA for basic creation of home directories and/or SQL interaction
Introductions, how the meetings will work, getting-to-know-you polls
The first meeting focused on introductions, getting-to-know-you interactions, and discussion about how the User Group will work