Strategy Horizons

UNIFY believes that all organisations should have an Identity and Security strategy. Programs and projects which map to a strategy will significantly increase efficiency, reduce the need for future complex integration, and reduce the possibilities of developing environments with incompatible platforms. We specialise in the development of strategies and roadmaps. Our customers know their environments, culture and policies better than anyone else. We combine our deep planning and technical expertise with their organisational knowledge to plan and implement robust security frameworks.

Strategic Focus

UNIFY’s planning processes focus on one and three-year targets for strategic objectives that enable the business to grow and compete in rapidly changing environments. In Identity and Security, three years is the longest period where there is enough stability with external factors to make planning useful, and long enough to make significant breakthrough changes. Continuous vigilance and revision of road maps provides the agility required to protect our customers’ information and assets in a dynamically changing and increasingly digital landscape.

We focus on our customers’ business directions and levels of risk mitigation. Our services include provision of business planning, business analysis, risk analysis, platform selection, design, and implementation planning, and cost analysis.

We excel in the development of Identity and Security strategies.

UNIFY’s deep understanding of technology directions, combined with extensive industry sector experience enables us to present solution options that are appropriate for each customer. We help our customers continuously improve their security capability using our UNIFYSaFe™ Strategy based approach.

Doug Stevenson Practice Manager, Strategy UNIFY Solutions