Tony Temaru is Country Manager of UNIFY Solutions, New Zealand and is also responsible for driving UNIFY's APAC Cloud Security business development. Tony is widely recognized as a highly successful and experienced senior manager and relationship developer with a focus on delivering solutions to complex customer challenges. His passion is to work with New Zealand companies to help them achieve outstanding and world-class outcomes for the delivery of their services to their customers and extend similar outcomes to the wider region. Tony continues to bring the best cybersecurity, collaboration and mobility practices to his region.

UNIFY New Zealand is excited to be building for the Ministry of Education the B2C Advanced Identity Ecosystem. The IDP’s of ESSA and the Work Force IAM will have application Integration to the Azure B2C Premium customer experience engine for Integration and development of policies. This trust framework operation will encode the relationships of trust and authority inside the B2C Policy Engine and will define the user journeys and enforce data flows and privacy.

Tony Temaru General Manager UNIFY Solutions NZ

Some legacy systems have significant security limitations due to insecure technology. The FIM solution removes the significant reputational risk of personal information being compromised.

Tony Temaru General Manager UNIFY Solutions New Zealand

We have successfully deployed identity and access systems across most industry sectors and geographical and technical boundaries. Combined with the fact we are based locally and are flexible to the needs of our clients, companies can use our global expertise within their own team.

Tony Temaru General Manager UNIFY Solutions New Zealand
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