With the release of Identity Broker v5.3, UNIFY Solutions adds support for the PostgreSql - 2017 database of the year.
Customers can realise the following benefits:

  • No license costs for the database
  • Improved performance
  • Easier database maintenance (simplified database schema)

The full release notes can be found here: Identity Broker 5.3 Release Notes.

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Identity Broker is a patented interconnectivity framework designed to help organisations ensure that their IAM systems are not be built on a myriad of bespoke connectors which limit future flexibility, scalability and support options. It coexists with and enhances common IAM platforms. Identity Broker is available for all scenarios ranging from strategically enabling large-scale enterprises to integrate on a consistent platform, to tactical solutions such as point-to-point governance of cloud-based directories, available through a cloud service.

UNIFYBroker: A Connectivity Framework

UNIFYAssure: A point-to-point solution

UNIFYConnect: UNIFYBroker in the cloud

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UNIFY Solutions is a leading global supplier of Identity, Access and Security services.

UNIFY Solutions was formed in 2004 on the understanding that Identity would become a business critical focus for any organisation securing access to its infrastructure and services. UNIFY Solutions is now a key security partner for companies and governments needing to deliver services to their customers in a digital and mobile economy.

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