UNIFY Chief Technology Officer, Shane Day, today announced a joint investment between Meeco and UNIFY Solutions to build and promote globally a customer on-boarding solution integrating Microsoft Identity platforms with the Meeco personal data platform.

The solution, using Microsoft Azure AD B2C coordinates a personalised journey for a customer to sign up for a bank account, using Meeco’s consent management platform to enable the personal data to be shared with consent, and then saved for re-use.

With the pending regulatory changes in Europe, such as General Data Protection (GDPR) and Personal Services Directive 2 (PSD2), the entire personal data eco-system is in a state of evolution.

Compliance is mandatory, however, organisations with a strategic customer focus will leverage identity management innovation to enable this change. The Meeco/Unify/Microsoft solution is a pioneering example of how new customer value can be created.

UNIFY’s Chief Technology Officer, expressed excitement about the venture.

Just as the Customer Identity wave is hitting digital transformation, giving control to people over their own data will be the next. Meeco are ready to catch this wave and UNIFY are excited to be working with them.

Shane Day Chief Technology Officer UNIFY Solutions

The solution was showcased at the Septemeber Microsoft B2C Partner Conference in Seattle, attended by engineering and leadership representatives from both UNIFY and Meeco.

Katryna Dow, Meeco’s founder and CEO shared her thoughts on the partnership.

Building a new trust focused marketplace requires robust identity and privacy management to enable customers to directly participate in the value chain. Meeco is delighted to have partnered with UNIFY to extend their enterprise expertise towards making this new marketplace a reality.

Katryna Dow Chief Executive Officer Meeco

For more information on the implementation of this solution and other use-cases jointly in development please contact Shane Day, CTO UNIFY Solutions or Glenn Smith, COO Meeco.

UNIFY and Meeco are both Microsoft certified partners.

About UNIFY Solutions:

UNIFY Solutions is a leading global supplier of Identity, Access and Security services.

UNIFY Solutions was formed in 2004 on the understanding that Identity would become a business critical focus for any organisation securing access to its infrastructure and services. UNIFY Solutions is now a key security partner for companies and governments needing to deliver services to their customers in a digital and mobile economy.

Learn more about UNIFY's Identity Services and Solutions here: UNIFY Identity Services  - UNIFY Identity Solutions

About Meeco:

“Our vision is to create a place for everyone on the planet to get equity and value in exchange for what they share. To make this possible we want to create a sovereign place where people will realise the accumulation of every day data as a growing and valuable asset, for themselves and for their children.”– The Meeco Manifesto

Meeco CEO Katryna Dow founded Meeco in 2012. Meeco was conceived over a decade ago as social networks were on the rise. Katryna envisioned a time when personal sovereignty would be as important as being connected. Now a decade later, personal clouds, mobile technology and the internet of things have come together to make Meeco possible and necessary.

Learn more about Meeco: https://meeco.me

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