With the release of MIM Event Broker v4.0, UNIFY Solutions continues to show why it is the leader in MIM automation software solutions. With the addition of a large number of improvements listed here, the new auditing and logging features and improved handling of multi-domain controller setups, MIM Event Broker is more at home than ever inside the enterprise.

About MIM Event Broker

Realize your investment by unlocking the capabilities of Microsoft® Identity Manager (MIM).

MIM Event Broker integrates with MIM to allow you to meet your business SLAs. One product brings you operational efficiency otherwise not possible with MIM out of the box. Whether you are a MIM customer or systems integrator implementing a MIM solution, you can now tick the following boxes:

  • Simplify and streamline Microsoft Azure AD Connect installations!
  • Meet business SLAs for identity life cycles with your MIM solution
  • Reach convergence in MIM quickly and efficiently
  • Live dashboard for MIM operations
  • Trace and log the sequence of events
  • Real-time compliance
  • Immediate response to environmental changes in MIM or the source
  • One stop shop for set-and-forget synchronization
  • No more waiting for policy and synchronization changes
  • Ensure the integrity of the MIM solution
  • Works with ILM and Forefront® Identity Manager (FIM)
  • Triggered Sync and Run Profiles
  • No need to worry about Schedules and Sequences
  • Integrates with Windows PowerShell™

Visit unifysolutions.net/products/unifynow/ for more details and to try MIM Event Broker.

Introduction to MIM Event Broker

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