UNIFY are pleased to announce that Ryan Crossingham is officially appointed to the position of UNIFY Practice Lead for One Identity. The role of Practice Lead fulfils a pivotal role in UNIFY encompassing both oversight for technical quality control of the solutions designed and implemented for customers, as well as driving the necessary business processes to guarantee a smooth, well-informed channel of communications between UNIFY and the broader community about developments in their niche. Ryan has time and again demonstrated effortless seniority in this space and will be the perfect ambassador to carry the message to the broader business community.

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Ryan Crossingham
Ryan Crossingham
Ryan is a Principal Consultant and the One Identity Practice Lead at UNIFY Solutions with 15 years experience in the IT industry.
Privileged Accounts
Consulting Service
Whatever the driver, UNIFY’s Privileged Account Management team enables our customers to defend against hackers targeting their privileged accounts. We deliver solutions to meet immediate threats and long-term objectives. UNIFY has partnered with leading software vendors in this niche to address the soaring demand for skilled support.