For many organisations today, the world of Identity and Access Management is rapidly moving to a cloud-first strategy and UNIFY have long been at the forefront of this initiative. IGA platform vendors too are rapidly developing modules to enable the clamour for the cloud. UNIFY are proud to partner with Saviynt, one of our leading cloud-first partners, and we are excited too that one of our most experienced principal consultants, Srini Narayanan has agreed to lead our Saviynt Practice alongside his other valuable contributions in thought leadership across this space. In his new role, Srini will draw on his extensive knowledge of the IAM space to shape the practice and drive even greater value to our customers. Srini will be working hand-in-glove with Saviynt to apply UNIFY best practice and extensive world-renowned technical expertise to a best of breed cloud-first platform.

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Srini Narayanan
Srini Narayanan
Srini is a Principal Consultant and the Saviynt Practice Lead at UNIFY Solutions with over 24 years experience in the IT industry.
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UNIFY believes that all organisations should have an Identity and Security strategy. Programs and projects which map to a strategy will significantly increase efficiency, reduce the need for future complex integration, and reduce the possibilities of developing environments with incompatible platforms.