Our Mission is to help our customers meet their Identity, Cybersecurity and Mobility requirements. To do this we must keep abreast at the technologies that best address, their business needs. We provide our architects with a range of leading vendor partnerships and associated skills for the provision of design, deployment and support services.

Primary Partners


From MIIS to Azure, UNIFY is Microsoft’s trusted partner for quality security, identity and associated secure collaboration outcomes.

Ping Identity

UNIFY Solutions’s The Ping Team are a practice specialising in delivering Ping Identity’s products into quality solutions.


SailPoint are consistently rated leaders in the Identity Governance field by independent analysts such as KuppingerCole. Innovative suppliers of quality identity software, UNIFY Solutions are pleased to present SailPoint-based solutions to the market.


Meeco was created with the purpose to empower people to own and benefit directly from their personal data. Reward is not just about money; it is what matters to you. Meeco is about helping you gain the insight and have the data to negotiable better outcomes for you and your family.

One Identity

UNIFY and One Identity have partnered to provide quality Identity and Governance solutions, and are currently delivering a major Australian jurisdiction whole of government solution.


UNIFY Solutions and Axenic have worked together since 2015. Axenic’s track record in providing grounded, quality security advice is a natural fit to providing Identity and Access Management solutions as a key component to reducing risk.


Aurion and UNIFY Solutions have worked together since 2004 to provide Aurion’s customers with quality identity outcomes. Ranging from Federal Government, State Government to Gaming Industries, using UNIFY’s Identity Broker guarantees you are using Identity integrations methods developed in conjunction with Aurion’s engineering teams.

Frontier Software

UNIFY’s 13 years’ experience with Identity and Frontier Software chris21 allows us to provide a patented technology designed to help organisations efficiently conduct on-boarding and off-boarding without complicated, costly, custom integrations.


UNIFY partners with KuppingerCole to deliver its Learning Seminar series, and also looks to KuppingerCole to provide independent advice on positioning of its products, services and vendor partner alignments.