Cloud Automation for ichris/chris²¹ and Active Directory

CLOUD automation for ichris and Active Directory

Sync your ichris/chris21 records to Active Directory with Cloud Automation.
Let UNIFY run it for you! A hands off solution, that manages itself.
  • Improve compliance by eliminating risks in de-provisioning processes 
  • Increase new employee productivity and company experience
  • Refocus HR and IT employee time away from error-prone manual processes
  • Achieve real-time and bi-directional functionality
  • Use a proven out of the box service


WORKING WITH Frontier Software

We have a Memorandum of Understanding with Frontier Software since 2004 and liaise continually with Frontier Software to ensure we integrate with ichris and its predecessors.

Case Study: City of Gold Coast

City of Gold Coast

This case study shows how Cloud Automation by UNIFY Solutions provides the ability to run a cloud-hosted solution that facilitates the synchronisation of data between Frontier chris21 and Microsoft Active Directory for the City of Gold Coast.

Frontier Software customers Automating with UNIFY Solutions

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