Azure AD Application Provisioning with SCIM

Enable SCIM Azure AD App Provisioning for your enterprise application.

Automatically create and maintain user identities and roles in enterprise applications directly from Microsoft Azure AD.

In order to implement Microsoft Azure AD Application Provisioning for your enterprise application, it must support the SCIM API protocol. For most enterprise applications today this is not the case.

With our Azure AD Application Provisioning for SCIM solution, using UNIFYConnect, you don’t have to wait for your application to support SCIM. Instead, we use what already exists to broker SCIM connectivity to Azure.

Key benefits
No SCIM no problem
Want to use AAD provisioning but don’t have SCIM? No problems, UNIFYBroker can take care of it.
Lightweight Synchronization
UNIFYBroker allows automatic synchronization between connected applications, helping you ensure data is consistent across your enterprise.
Fully Extensible
Almost every component in UNIFYBroker can be extended, from application connectivity and data transformation right through to reporting.
Leverage AAD extensibility to reduce costs
Extend AAD using a published and supported extension model, instead of extending any alternative IAM platform to achieve the same outcome.
Provide a consistent user experience
Provide a consistent user access experience, whether your app is hosted either on-premises and in the cloud.
Improve security
Avoid traditional manual provisioning methods to manage user identities in each application. Processes such as uploading files, or using custom scripts are error prone, insecure, and hard to manage.

Works With

Microsoft Azure AD App Provisioning
Microsoft Azure AD App Provisioning
Supported Products
Automatically create and maintain user identities and roles in the cloud applications for entitled Azure AD users. Common scenarios include provisioning Azure AD users into applications like Salesforce and ServiceNow.
Supported Products
UNIFYBroker is a platform for rapidly integrating applications with your identity management solution. Provision into more applications to boost the reach of your identity solution, synchronize identities between two or more of your systems, or connect your HR system or other authoritative source for better identity governance.
Supported Products
A hands-off approach to integrating and managing identities in your cloud applications.