UNIFY Learning Seminar Series

UNIFY Practice Manger for Managed Services Jeff Nelson, today announced a series of learning seminars throughout FY18 to promote the value of cloud-based (IDaaS) offerings. The seminars will be held across several regions including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Wellington NZ and Singapore. Interest in this learning seminar series can be registered with UNIFY clicking the expression of interest form below.

UNIFY Managed Service

UNIFY Solutions provides managed services and support solutions globally across organisational and government customers. Supporting both on-premises and cloud-based environments, UNIFY provides solutions that enable your organisation to focus on mission critical tasks. Throughout our engagements, UNIFYSaFe™ practices and policies have ensured customer solutions success and ongoing reliability. 

Supporting both on-premises and cloud-based environments, UNIFY provides solutions that enable your organisation to focus on mission critical tasks. Throughout our engagements, UNIFYSaFe™ practices and policies have ensured customer solutions success and ongoing reliability. UNIFY employes ITIL best practices and adhears to strict security, confidentiality and risk management processes to ensure your engagement is personalized but confidential. 

UNIFY’s IDaaS Offering and Azure

UNIFY’s Identity as a Service (IDaaS) offering provides secure, robust and scalable enterprise level Identity Solutions in the cloud. Solutions are managed by a dedicated team of certified Identity Professionals within UNIFY Solutions.  

A benefit of UNIFY’s IDaaS Managed Service is the ability to utilize the wide feature sets with are provided by tier one providers such as the Microsoft. UNIFY Solutionsfurther provides the skills and expertise to managed your identity solution in the cloud ensuring that your organization Is not burdened with the overhead of things like: infrastructure configuration, skills training, specilasied administration.  While UNIFY can support environments across all tier one providers, the hosted Microsoft Azure platform provides a wide range of features sets that UNIFY’s customers have been able to benefit from. The UNIFY IDaaS solution for instance provides a business continuity model using features such as Geo Redundancy, Fail Over, Load Balancing and Data Backups.  

UNIFY also offers complete reporting capabilities, that enable near real time and customisable reports and insights of identity data utilising interactive data visualisation tools. By partnering with UNIFY Solutions, (A Microsoft Gold Partner) customers are combining both UNIFY’s premium identity expertise and the benefits for the Azure Platform.  

On premises and hybrid solutions

While cloud based solutions may best suit many organisations requirements, others organisations are more suited on-premises or hybrid solutions. These environments still feature UNIFYskilled professionals providing numerous redundancies and backups that are coordinated in conjunction with customer IT teams. For instance, such solutions often feature regular backups of configuration and other dataUNIFY also works closely with customer teams on coordination of change management and solution road mapping. Such assurances form part of UNIFYSaFe™ practices and are part of why UNIFY continue to be leaders in the Identity & Access Managed Service field. 


UNIFY managed service customers include several government organisations across APAC, as well as numerous local councils, universities and other organisations. 

For an in-depth look at one of our engagements a managed services TAFE, customer insight available here.

Next Steps

Learn more about UNIFY Managed Services on the Managed Services Page.

To have a conversation with one of our Identity Specialists about how your needs and our solutions can work together, please contact UNIFY via the Contact Us page. 

About UNIFY Solutions

UNIFY Solutions is a leading global supplier of Identity, Access and Security services. 

UNIFY Solutions was formed in 2004 on the understanding that Identity would become a business critical focus for any organisation securing access to its infrastructure and services. UNIFY Solutions is now a key security partner for companies and governments needing to deliver services to their customers in a digital and mobile economy. 

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