A new Australian Government review will examine better ways to protect and handle identity information. With identity crime costing Australia over $2 billion annually, the effective management of identity data and documents is key to providing secure and trusted services to citizens and allowing citizens to interact with business in a trusted way. 

As a specialist security company advising Governments across the APAC region on citizen access solutions with critical security and digital identity components, UNIFY Solutions supports and encourages any initiatives that reduce the incidence of identity-related crime while preserving the privacy of citizen identity data.  

UNIFY is currently guiding the Digital Initiatives of several agencies and departments across our region, and closely watching the range of initiatives emerging from agencies such as the Department of Digital Transformation (DTA), the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) and the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA). 

UNIFY looks forward to submitting comments to the review. 


UNIFY Solutions is the leading provider of workforce, citizen and customer access. Formed in 2004, we believe in secure and trusted accessibility for all people regardless of device or location. We are the key security partner for organizations and governments around the globe, facilitating the delivery of improved services to customers and citizens across the digital and mobile economy. We are dedicated to solving and managing our customers’ Identity, Access and Security challenges. UNIFY Solutions offers a level of service, knowledge, and experience that is unparalleled. We have deep experience across multiple industry sectors with customers around the globe.

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