UNIFY Solutions announces the launch of UNIFYAdvantage, a complete cloud offering enabling rapid digital transformation. 

UNIFYAdvantage is a revolutionary new offering that combines UNIFY's best practice technologies, processes and people. UNIFYAdvantage gets organization's Digital Channels up and running swiftly with no upfront capital expenditure. 

UNIFY has recently bought this new solution to life for both The Ministry of Education (MOE), New Zealand, and Meeco in Australia. These organisations serve vastly different needs but both recognize the importance of cloud solutions and Identities role in securing those. 

Enabling business innovation through digital transformation while reducing risk, cost and time is the UNIFYAdvantage. UNIFYAdvantage allows you to focus on what you do best with the reassurance your Cloud platforms are managed by the experts.

Shane Day Chief Technology Officer UNIFY Solutions


UNIFYAdvantage addresses critical to quality factors by solving many pain points that organizations and government departments often struggle with. 

To be competitive you must adopt the Cloud to service your digital channels.
Organizations that do not transition their Digital Channels to the Cloud often struggle to compete with those that do. With UNIFYAdvantage, we transform operations with lower upfront costs and risks using proven methodologies that exceed expectations expediently and reliably. 

Why compete for Identity, Cloud & Azure skill sets?
To stay competitive, organizations need to focus their people on business innovation.  Operating and managing Cloud platforms should not be part of their core business. UNIFYAdvantage removes this overhead using UNIFY skills, processes and experience. 

Know who you are transacting with.
Knowing who has access to what, from where and when is a key foundation for your security. Knowing what data is permitted to be transacted is equally important. UNIFYAdvantage protects these Digital Channels. 

Business continuity is key.
Organizations must provide a trusted and highly available service to maintain customer satisfaction. UNIFYAdvantage ensures business continuity. 

UNIFYAdvantage offers incredible value to organisations wherein the combined experience, products and processes that UNIFY has built over the last 10 years in the IAM industry can be leveraged through operational expenditure. UNIFYAdvantage packages key products such as UNIFYRapid, UNIFYOperate, UNIFYAssure, UNIFYHost, UNIFYTrust and UNIFYMonitor – all within one service thus operating as a Trust Framework Operator. The advantage lies in enabling the customer to focus their resources on key initiatives and priority areas while we manage the security of their solutions.

Samrat Choudhury Professional Services Manager UNIFY Solutions NZ


UNIFYAdvantage is now in General Availability and UNIFY is currently in discussions with organizations across several industry sectors in Australia, New Zealand and the APAC region who have shown interest in this new service. 

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