From MIM to Entra

Some customers with very complex on-premises solutions are struggling to understand how to move from mission critical legacy directory and business applications to Microsoft Entra without a disruptive big bang approach. UNIFY brings you UNIFYConnect to assist. A critical yet understated component of this architecture, UNIFYConnect facilitates a seamless bridge between your current on-premises directories and applications to the cloud-enabled capabilities of Entra. It ensures continuity and operational integrity throughout the MIM migration process and ongoing between your on-premises legacy environments and Entra.

  • You can opt for a Phased or Big-Bang Approach; or
  • You can opt for a continuing Hybrid Solution – retaining key on-premises applications.

Executive Summary

As the digital identity landscape undergoes significant transformation, the urgency for organisations to adapt becomes increasingly imperative. UNIFY Solutions (UNIFY) recognises that for our customers using Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM), the medium-term end-of-life (EOL) announcement of MIM serves as a critical prompt to reassess and transition to more advanced secure and integrated identity management solutions like Microsoft Entra by 2029.

Recent competitive claims from identity management providers like SailPoint and One Identity, which historically positioned their platforms as alternatives, highlight the need for a strategic perspective in this transition rather than a reaction out of necessity. Market analyses by leaders such as Forrester and G2 now position Microsoft as a visionary leader, surpassing traditional alternatives in security, compliance, and integration capabilities.

This paper guides you through the strategic advantages of adopting Microsoft solutions, with UNIFY advocating for a seamless migration of your MIM-based solutions to Microsoft Entra. By partnering with UNIFY, you gain access to specialised services that are intricately aligned with and enhance Microsoft technologies. This transition addresses not just the replacement of MIM and immediate security and compliance gaps but strategically positions organisations for sustainable growth, innovation, and enhanced operational agility in a cloud-dominated environment.

Choosing Microsoft Entra ensures a future-proof architecture that supports dynamic business needs and evolving technological landscapes, keeping you at the forefront of digital transformation and competitive readiness. The strategic partnership with UNIFY amplifies these benefits, providing a robust pathway for you to navigate the complexities of upgrading your identity management systems with minimal disruption and maximum strategic advantage.

UNIFY has a Strategy Team that specialises in planning transitions to Entra.

Current Situation

Overview of Microsoft MIM

MIM serves a critical function within organisations. It supports a variety of business solutions ranging from foundational integrations - such as synchronising Human Resources (HR) platforms with corporate directories - to more sophisticated solutions that manage identities across diverse on-premises and cloud-based applications. This variability in application complexity means that many solutions are deeply woven into the operational fabrics of organisations. For those with intricate systems, the transition from MIM requires careful consideration of numerous factors to ensure that new solutions can enhance the current identity management capabilities without disrupting existing processes.

End of Support Details

Microsoft has scheduled the end of support for MIM at the beginning of 2029. Post EOL, Microsoft will no longer provide technical support, updates, or security patches for MIM, which will expose organisations to increased security risks and compliance challenges. As 2029 approaches, Microsoft will invest less in the currency of MIM. The end-of-support underscores the necessity for you to plan and execute a transition strategy well ahead of the deadline to mitigate potential disruptions. The more complexity you have built into MIM, the sooner you need to plan to achieve a smooth transition.

Recognising the critical nature of identity management systems and the complexity of transitioning, UNIFY recommends that every MIM user begins planning now. It is a necessary exercise and provides certainty downstream. When you transition, you will not only address the imminent end-of-support issue but you will also position your organisation to benefit from enhanced security features, better integration capabilities, and a more agile cloud-oriented architecture.

Impact Analysis

The impending end-of-support for MIM introduces several significant risks that must be recognised. Not planning for the discontinuation of support for MIM will have profound business impacts across various dimensions. It is essential for organisations to recognise these potential effects to ensure they are strategically aligned for future challenges and opportunities.

Potential Risks Business Impact
Security Vulnerabilities As support for Microsoft MIM concludes in 2029, the absence of updates and security patches significantly raises the risk of cyber threats. This exposure is critical as it can lead to unauthorised access, data breaches, and loss of sensitive information, compromising both organisational integrity and customer trust. Immediate planning is essential to mitigate these risks and safeguard your data with a more secure, continuously updated system like Microsoft Entra.
Increased Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) As MIM approaches its end-of-support, the costs associated with maintaining legacy systems are expected to rise sharply. These costs include not only the financial burden of extended support but also the increased expenses related to integrating outdated technology with modern systems and the need for specialised skills to manage aging software. Transitioning to Microsoft Entra can significantly reduce these costs by leveraging a modern cloud-based architecture that decreases the need for extensive manual maintenance and offers better compatibility with modern technologies.
Compliance Challenges Operating with an unsupported identity management system post-2029 may result in non-compliance with evolving regulatory requirements. This can lead to substantial penalties and reputational damage, especially for organisations in sectors like finance and healthcare. Transitioning to Microsoft Entra, which offers advanced compliance features updated to meet current and future standards, is crucial to maintain legal and regulatory compliance.
Reduced Business Agility Continuing to rely on MIM beyond its support life can severely restrict your organisation’s ability to adapt to market changes and technological advancements. This lack of agility may result in missed opportunities and an inability to meet evolving customer expectations, which could have a profound impact on your market position and competitiveness. Microsoft Entra supports a more agile business model that can rapidly respond to changes and capitalise on new opportunities.
Technical Challenges and System Instability The discontinuation of MIM support may cause incompatibilities with newer software versions, leading to system instabilities such as those previously seen with SharePoint updates (for example, patches intended for SharePoint have been known to inadvertently disrupt the functionality of the MIM Portal). These technical disruptions can hinder essential operations and risk overall system integrity. Planning a transition to a robust and supported system like Microsoft Entra will reduce these risks, ensuring a stable and reliable operational environment.
Impact on User Experience Legacy systems like MIM, once unsupported, often lead to degraded performance, increased system downtimes, and cumbersome user interfaces. Such negative impacts on user experience can diminish employee productivity and customer satisfaction, directly affecting business outcomes and brand perception. Microsoft Entra offers a user-friendly interface and enhanced performance, ensuring a positive user experience and increased productivity.
Operational Inefficiencies Continued reliance on unsupported software often results in increased operational costs and inefficiencies. This is due to the growing incompatibility with new technologies, which necessitates costly workarounds and manual interventions. Migrating to Microsoft Entra enhances operational efficiency and agility, allowing for seamless adaptation to new business opportunities and technological advancements.
Strategic Misalignment Failure to upgrade your identity management infrastructure may lead to strategic misalignment, where your IT capabilities no longer support the organisation’s long-term goals or adapt to new business models. This can impede growth and innovation, placing your organisation at a strategic disadvantage. Migrating to Microsoft Entra aligns your identity management strategy with broader business objectives, fostering innovation and ensuring that your IT infrastructure supports future growth.
Strategic Limitations Sticking with outdated technologies can limit an organisation’s ability to innovate and respond to new business opportunities. Upgrading to Microsoft Entra not only mitigates this risk but also leverages innovative features that support modern business processes and strategic flexibility, enhancing competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.
Security and Compliance Risks As updates and security patches cease with the end of MIM support, there will be a significant increase in security vulnerabilities and compliance risks. This exposure not only threatens data protection and security but also increases the risk of non-compliance with new regulations, potentially leading to legal penalties and damage to reputation. By adopting Microsoft Entra, you ensure ongoing compliance and robust security, safeguarding your organisation against these risks.

Migrate to Microsoft Entra

Recent evaluations by industry analysts provide compelling evidence of Microsoft Entra’s leadership in identity management solutions. In its Q1 2024 report, Forrester recognised Microsoft Entra as a leader in Workforce Identity Platforms, highlighting its unified approach to securing both human and machine identities - a critical capability in today’s digital landscape. Furthermore, Forrester’s comprehensive financial analysis reveals that organisations can expect a 240% return on investment with Microsoft Entra, with substantial cost savings from retiring legacy systems and reducing manual interventions. Additional endorsements from G2 reflect strong user satisfaction with Microsoft Entra, achieving a 4.5/5 stars rating based on user reviews, emphasising its ease of use, setup, and superior business alignment compared to competitors like SailPoint. These analyst insights validate our strategic recommendation to adopt Microsoft Entra, ensuring our customers are equipped with a leading solution that is recognised not just for its technical excellence but also for its economic and operational benefits.

Advantages Disadvantages
Enhanced Security and Compliance Microsoft Entra is engineered to provide unparalleled security and compliance, adapting swiftly to evolving global standards. With its proactive update regime and robust security architecture, Entra will ensure that your organisation has a technology partner that is ahead of the curve in protecting sensitive data and adhering to regulatory requirements. This continuous evolution in security practices is designed to mitigate risks before they become threats, significantly reducing the potential for legal and security challenges. Regular updates from Microsoft not only introduce the latest security features but also refine existing protocols to counter emerging vulnerabilities. This dynamic enhancement supports organisations in maintaining a high compliance posture across various regulatory frameworks such as GDPR, HIPAA, and others. By integrating Entra, companies benefit from Microsoft’s commitment to security, which translates into reduced compliance risks and a stronger defence against both current and future cyber threats. This commitment to massive ongoing development ensures that your organisation remains compliant with new regulations as they come into effect without the need for costly and disruptive upgrades or overhauls. Microsoft Entra’s forward-looking compliance and security capabilities provide not just peace of mind but a strategic advantage in a landscape where both cyber threats and compliance demands are intensifying.
Seamless Integration with Microsoft Ecosystem For organisations deeply embedded in the Microsoft ecosystem, migrating to Entra offers seamless integration with other Microsoft services like Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365. This integration simplifies management, enhances user experiences, and leverages common platforms for analytics and security, providing a unified approach to identity management.
Scalability and Flexibility Microsoft Entra is designed with scalability and flexibility at its core, ensuring that as your organisation grows, your identity management capabilities can expand seamlessly alongside it. This adaptability is crucial in today’s fast-paced business environment, where the ability to efficiently scale operations can differentiate leaders from laggards. The architecture of Microsoft Entra supports a wide range of deployment scenarios, from small-scale implementations to large, complex environments involving hundreds of thousands of users and multiple integration points. Whether your future involves expanding into new markets, increasing your workforce, or integrating modern technologies and services, Entra’s flexible framework accommodates these changes without disruption. By leveraging Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure, Entra allows for dynamic resource allocation and management, which means you can adjust your identity management resources based on real-time demands without overcommitting financially or operationally. This flexibility not only optimises costs but also enhances the agility of your IT operations, allowing for a more responsive approach to market changes. Furthermore, Microsoft Entra’s compatibility with hybrid environments ensures that organisations can maintain a balance between on-premises systems and cloud-based solutions, providing a practical pathway towards digital transformation without sacrificing security or control. This dual capability is essential for organisations looking to gradually transition to the cloud while still leveraging existing investments.
Phased Migration Approach Recognising that each organisation’s transition needs are unique, Microsoft Entra supports a phased migration approach. This method allows you to plan and execute the migration in manageable stages, aligning with operational priorities and budgetary constraints. By spreading the cost and effort over time, organisations can minimise disruption to their daily operations while progressively reaping the benefits of a modernised, integrated identity management system.
Strategic Business Alignment Upgrading to Microsoft Entra is more than a technological shift—it is a strategic alignment with your long-term digital transformation goals. Microsoft Entra integrates deeply with your broader business strategies, ensuring that your identity management system is not only a tool for security but also a driver of business innovation and efficiency. As organisations seek to transform their operations to be more digital-first, the agility and advanced capabilities of Microsoft Entra make it an ideal platform. It supports a wide range of modern business processes, from remote workforce management to real-time data access control, aligning with trends such as increased mobility, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT). This alignment ensures that as your business evolves, your identity management infrastructure does too, seamlessly integrating modern technologies and processes without disrupting existing operations. Moreover, Microsoft Entra promotes continuous improvement by offering insights and analytics capabilities that can help identify process inefficiencies and security vulnerabilities. These insights enable proactive adjustments that optimise both security and operational performance, ensuring that your organisation is always at the forefront of both technology and market readiness. By choosing Microsoft Entra, you are not only preparing for the future but are also embracing an approach that evolves with your business, supporting your goals for growth, innovation, and competitive advantage in an increasingly digital world.

Stick with Microsoft

Microsoft Identity Access and Governance capabilities are very impressive and evolving fast. For UNIFY customers who use MIM and have IT strategies that involve the use of multiple platforms from Microsoft under broad licensing arrangements, we recommend that transitioning to Microsoft Entra is the most sensible, smooth, and cost-effective path forward. It gives you the range of options from a quicker big-bang transition to Cloud and Cloud benefits through to a phased approach over both time and budgets. Depending on your procurement processes, you will most likely already have licensing arrangements in place and corporate approaches for Microsoft that cover your future requirements and avoid unnecessary time-consuming and complex platform selection processes and migrations.

Indicative Future State Architecture


UNIFY proposes a future state architecture centred around Microsoft Entra, designed to seamlessly integrate with existing on-premises Active Directory (AD) systems and progressively transition to a fully cloud-based solution.

Indicative Future State Architecture

Key Components

Microsoft Entra as the Core: At the heart of the future state architecture is Microsoft Entra, providing advanced identity governance, comprehensive security features, and seamless integration capabilities. Entra’s cloud-native design allows for dynamic scalability and flexibility, ensuring that as your organisational needs evolve, your identity management solutions can adapt swiftly without disruption.

UNIFYConnect – The Strategic Enabler: Some customers with very complex on-premises solutions are struggling to understand how to move from mission critical legacy directory and business applications to Microsoft Entra without a disruptive big bang approach. UNIFY brings you UNIFYConnect to assist. A critical yet understated component of this architecture, UNIFYConnect facilitates a seamless bridge between your current on-premises directories and applications to the cloud-enabled capabilities of Entra. It ensures continuity and operational integrity throughout the MIM migration process and ongoing between your on-premises legacy environments and Entra.

Benefits of the Proposed Architecture

  • Seamless Transition: Leveraging UNIFYConnect, organisations can expect a smooth transition without the disruptions typically associated with system overhauls. This tool ensures that all existing processes remain operational while new functionalities of Entra are being phased in.
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance: With Microsoft Entra, the architecture benefits from continuous updates and state-of-the-art security measures that address both current and emerging threats. Compliance with regulatory standards is simplified as Entra is built to adapt to the global compliance landscape dynamically.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: The future state architecture is designed to grow with your organisation. Microsoft Entra’s scalability means that whether you are expanding your workforce, entering new markets, or adopting modern technologies, your identity management system will support rather than hinder your efforts.
  • Reduced Complexity and Lower TCO: Over time, the reliance on complex on-premises infrastructures is reduced, leading to lower total cost of ownership and reduced IT overheads. The streamlined cloud-centric architecture not only reduces costs but also simplifies management and enhances operational agility.


The indicative future-state architecture proposed by UNIFY, incorporating Microsoft Entra and UNIFYConnect, represents a strategic forward-looking approach to identity management. It is designed to transition your mission-critical systems seamlessly, ensuring that your organisation is positioned to leverage the benefits of cloud technology while maintaining the robustness and reliability of your current systems. This architecture is not merely about upgrading technology—it is about transforming your identity management capability into a strategic asset that drives business growth and innovation.

Why UNIFYConnect Is Essential in the Phased Migration Architecture


In our comprehensive suite of migration tools, UNIFYConnect stands out as a pivotal component. It acts as a strategic enabler, ensuring that the transition from on-premises systems to Microsoft Entra is seamless and non-disruptive.

Strategic Bridging for Seamless Transition

UNIFYConnect plays a pivotal role in the transition architecture by acting as the essential bridge between current on-premises directories and Microsoft Entra. This unique positioning of UNIFYConnect ensures that while the broader system architecture evolves towards a sophisticated cloud-based model, no existing functionality is compromised.

Facilitating Phased Integration

As organisations navigate the complexities of integrating deeply embedded on-premises systems with Microsoft’s cloud solutions, UNIFYConnect provides a critical interoperability layer. This not only supports the phased approach by allowing individual functions to migrate systematically but also ensures that each step is seamless and non-disruptive to the ongoing business processes.

Operational Continuity

UNIFYConnect ensures that during the transitional phase, all identity management activities continue without interruption. By managing synchronisation tasks, account updates, and lifecycle management workflows, UNIFYConnect maintains operational continuity, which is essential for mission-critical environments where any downtime can lead to significant business impacts.

Future Scalability and Reduction

As Microsoft Entra’s functionalities expand and mature, the dependency on UNIFYConnect can be gradually reduced, phasing out its usage without any abrupt changes to the system. This capability to scale down its use highlights UNIFYConnect’s role as a temporary yet vital component in the transition architecture, aligning with the long-term vision of achieving a streamlined Microsoft-centric environment.


UNIFYConnect is not just a tool but a strategic enabler that facilitates a risk-mitigated, phased, and controlled migration to Microsoft Entra. Its role, while temporary and minimal in the long-term architecture, is critically important in safeguarding the integrity and continuity of identity management functions as organisations transition to a cloud-first approach. By choosing UNIFYConnect, organisations ensure a smooth migration journey, fully supported and managed, minimising risks and maximising operational efficacy.

From UNIFYBroker to UNIFYConnect

As we transition from Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) to the cloud-based Microsoft Entra, a significant advantage emerges for existing UNIFYBroker customers. Many of you have utilised UNIFYBroker as the critical bridge linking your HR system and business applications with MIM. This established infrastructure positions you uniquely as you move to Microsoft Entra.

Seamless Transition with Existing Infrastructure

UNIFYBroker, our on-premises solution, has played a pivotal role in your current identity management framework by interfacing seamlessly between your applications and MIM. As we recommend a shift to Microsoft Entra, the good news is that these interfaces do not require rewrites for the Cloud-based Entra solution. This continuity is a direct result of the compatibility and forward-thinking architecture of UNIFYConnect, which is the cloud-evolved version of UNIFYBroker.

Advantages of UNIFYConnect in Transition

  • No Need for Extensive Re-engineering: Your transition to Microsoft Entra does not necessitate the costly and time-consuming re-engineering of interfaces. UNIFYConnect is designed to utilise the existing integration points developed with UNIFYBroker, thereby simplifying the migration process significantly.
  • Reduced Migration Risks: The familiarity of the integration interface reduces the risks associated with migrating to a new platform. UNIFYConnect leverages the same operational logic and interface paradigms as UNIFYBroker, ensuring a smooth and familiar transition experience.
  • Cost Efficiency: By eliminating the need to develop new interfaces from scratch, your organisation can allocate resources more efficiently, focusing on enhancing other areas of your digital transformation journey.
  • Speed of Deployment: Faster deployment is achievable due to the pre-existing compatibility of UNIFYConnect with UNIFYBroker’s configurations. This expedites the overall migration timeline, enabling quicker realisation of the benefits of Microsoft Entra.
  • Continued Innovation and Support: As you transition to Entra and from UNIFYBroker to UNIFYConnect, you continue to benefit from UNIFY’s ongoing innovation and support, ensuring that your identity management solutions remain at the forefront and are supported by expert services tailored to your needs.

Strategic Future-Proofing

Choosing UNIFYConnect not only simplifies your transition to Microsoft Entra but also strategically future proofs your identity management infrastructure. It allows your organisation to embrace cloud advantages such as enhanced scalability, robust security, and compliance capabilities, all while maintaining a continuity of service that is critical for operational stability.

By moving from UNIFYBroker to UNIFYConnect, you are not just upgrading to a new system; you are optimising your technological framework with minimal disruption and maximum strategic advantage, ensuring a smooth and effective transition to cloud-based identity management with Microsoft Entra.

Appendix A – Why UNIFY

UNIFY can transition your on-premises solution to Entra in the least disruptive approach. While we focus on MIM in this paper, UNIFY specialises in migrations from other on-premises platforms such as Tivoli, One Identity, and ForgeRock. We have developed unique tools to assist the process. We offer:

Unparalleled Expertise and Comprehensive Solutions

At UNIFY, we specialise in transforming Microsoft platform deployments into robust, secure, and scalable solutions. Our deep expertise in Microsoft technologies underpins our unique One-Stop-Shop service model, offering end-to-end capabilities in Identity, Access, and Security. We are not just consultants; we are your strategic partners in securing digital assets and optimising business efficiency.

For a detailed overview of our services, please refer to the Service Catalogue below, which outlines our comprehensive suite of services integral to achieving Zero Trust Security. These services incorporate the full range of Strategic Planning, Implementation, and Support services.

Tailored Zero Trust Security

Embracing the principle of “never trust, always verify”, our Zero Trust Security framework is at the heart of our service offerings. This approach is not just a protocol—it is built into every layer of our solutions from the ground up. By integrating advanced Microsoft solutions with our proprietary IP, we ensure that every access point and identity is continuously validated, keeping your enterprise secure in a perimeter-less digital world.

Proven Track Record

UNIFY is trusted by a diverse and prestigious customer portfolio, from government agencies to finance and healthcare sectors. Our strategy, powered by innovation and driven by the best and brightest in the industry, ensures that we not only meet but exceed the stringent demands of our clients. Our consistent focus on delivering world-class solutions is evident in our sustained customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships.

Customised Solutions Powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Automation

Our commitment to innovation is demonstrated through advanced platform automation and AI-driven solutions, ensuring that your Microsoft deployment is not only efficient but also future-proof. Whether it is streamlining identity verification processes or enhancing security operations through AI, UNIFY’s solutions are designed to adapt to your evolving business needs.

Dedicated Support and Sustained Growth

Choosing UNIFY means gaining a partner that invests in your success. Our 24/7 support and managed security services are just the beginning. We work closely with our clients to develop and implement roadmaps that anticipate future challenges and opportunities, fostering growth and resilience in an unpredictable digital landscape.

Secure Equitable Access for All

Our vision of providing secure and equitable access for all drives us to deliver solutions that ensure everyone in your organisation can access the tools and information they need safely and efficiently, no matter where they are. This commitment makes UNIFY a leader in promoting inclusivity through technology.

Appendix B – UNIFYConnect

UNIFYConnect: Empowering Microsoft Entra Capabilities

UNIFYConnect is not merely a transitional tool; it serves as a strategic enabler that amplifies the capabilities of Microsoft Entra post-migration. Its integration empowers Entra’s features, ensuring that our clients can maximize the benefits of their migration. Key areas where UNIFYConnect adds value include:

API-Driven Inbound Provisioning

UNIFYConnect leverages the API-driven inbound provisioning capabilities of Microsoft Entra to enhance and broaden the scope of application integrations. This allows for more automated and scalable solutions, crucial for organizations looking to maintain agility and efficiency in a dynamic digital environment.

Application Provisioning

Through UNIFYConnect, the native application provisioning capabilities of Microsoft Entra are extended to support a wider range of applications, including legacy systems that are essential to our clients' operations. This ensures that all applications, regardless of their native cloud compatibility, are seamlessly integrated into the new identity management framework.

On-Premises Application Provisioning

Recognizing the need for a phased cloud transition, UNIFYConnect facilitates the inclusion of on-premises applications within the cloud-based framework of Microsoft Entra. This allows organizations to maintain continuity and operational integrity while progressively moving towards a fully cloud-oriented architecture.

Strategic Benefits of UNIFYConnect Post-Migration

By maintaining the use of UNIFYConnect post-migration, organizations benefit from:

  • Extended Integration Capabilities: Ensuring that both new and existing applications are fully integrated into the cloud environment.
  • Enhanced Automation and Efficiency: Reducing manual processes through improved automation capabilities, which minimizes errors and operational costs.
  • Future-Proof Operations: Preparing for future technological advancements and ensuring compatibility.


UNIFYConnect (known as UNIFYBroker in on-premises environments) is an advanced service offering from UNIFY specifically designed to complement and extend the capabilities of Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Microsoft Azure Active Directory), particularly in areas where Microsoft has envisioned an active role for partners. Recognising the importance of these partnership opportunities, UNIFYConnect steps in to fill the crucial roles within the architectural patterns set forth by Microsoft, effectively bridging any gaps and enhancing the overall identity management ecosystem.

In 2022, we bolstered our clients' security posture through a dedicated embrace of the Zero Trust model for Identity and Access. This approach aligns perfectly with the Microsoft Workplace Identity Practice within UNIFY, with an acute emphasis on empowering remote workforces.

UNIFYConnect serves as a cornerstone in achieving the utmost potential of Lifecycle Management and Governance for identities within Entra ID by offering a bridge over gaps that currently exist within the Microsoft Azure Identity Framework—gaps that are strategically left open for expert Microsoft Partners to fill. Our service brings forth key areas of enhancement:

  • Azure HR Provisioning: We streamline the creation of digital identities from HR platforms to Azure Active Directory, ensuring consistent and comprehensive identity lifecycle management.
  • Azure App Provisioning: UNIFYConnect enables seamless application provisioning, crucial for full integration with existing applications, particularly those that may not natively support SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management).
  • Azure Identity Governance (IGA): By enriching compliance and security with advanced governance capabilities, we extend the reach beyond Azure to ensure a cohesive and all-encompassing identity governance approach.


UNIFYConnect stands out as an enabling layer rather than just another level of middleware. It provides:

  • Streamlined Integration: Rather than adding complexity, UNIFYConnect seamlessly melds with Entra ID, ensuring that user experience remains fluid and intuitive.
  • Functionality Enhancement: UNIFYConnect fills essential roles within Microsoft’s identity framework, adding value by providing functionalities that go beyond the native offerings.
  • Operational Simplicity: By design, UNIFYConnect simplifies the operational landscape, automating identity governance and lifecycle management in a way that reduces the need for multiple disparate tools.