Premium Identity, Access and Security Services

The UNIFY Solutions consulting practice enables our customers to secure their business objectives and processes with effective Identity, Access and Security solutions. The practice was established in 2004 and has extensive and successful experience in planning, designing, implementing and supporting robust security solutions for our customers. We focus on minimising risk and delivering excellence in all of our engagements. We apply our proven methodologies, tools and templates to realise customer objectives, and offer a range of repeatable solutions. These solutions streamline the integration of applications, directories, and platforms with resultant speed of deployment and ease of support.


All organisations should have an Identity and Security strategy. Combining UNIFY’s deep planning and technical expertise with our customer’s organisational knowledge we plan robust security frameworks and roadmaps.

We excel in the development of Identity and Security strategies.

UNIFY’s deep understanding of technology directions, combined with extensive industry sector experience enables us to present solution options that are appropriate for each customer.

We help our customers continuously improve their security capability using our UNIFYSaFe™ Strategy based approach.

Doug Stevenson Practice Manager, Strategy, UNIFY Solutions


Your corporate systems contain your organization’s most valuable assets, after your employees, so it’s important to manage who has access to them. The risk of inappropriate access is not only that ex-employees still have access well after they’ve left, but also that your new and current employees don’t have access to the systems they need to do their jobs effectively.

Support Service

Support is an essential service that ensures the sustained success of any Identity, Governance and Access solution. It ensures your Identity solution continues to operate today, tomorrow and into the future.

We specialise in supporting Identity and Security Environments. UNIFY’s Support customers are able to focus their resources on critical projects with the assurance that their business systems can be easily and appropriately accessed.

Jeff Nelson Practice Manager, Managed Services and Support, UNIFY Solutions

Managed Services

UNIFY Solutions Managed Service is the best choice for any company who is serious about ensuring their workforce, citizen and customer Access solutions work today, tomorrow and into the foreseeable future.

We specialise in managing Identity and Security Environments.

UNIFY’s Managed Services allow our customers to focus their resources where they are most needed, allowing the experts to take control of their IAM platform. UNIFY ensures that our customers get the most from their technology investments and certainty that their evolving business services can be easily and appropriately accessed in a highly secure and stable environment.

Jeff Nelson Practice Manager, Managed Services, UNIFY Solutions

Digital Transformation

UNIFY is a global leader in designing and delivering secure digital channel solutions supporting government and enterprise service delivery initiatives.

We help our customers’ focus on their customers experience.

Companies, and governments, that fail to leverage their information, processes and systems to provide excellent user experiences will fall victim the digital transformation. Getting IAM right is the prerequisite to prospering from digital transformation.

Adam Bradley Distinguished Architect - UNIFY Solutions

Citizen Access

UNIFY is focused on assisting governments in using the latest technologies as citizen services undergo rapid and systemic change.

Government transacting digitally with the citizens they serve is reducing barriers to accessing services globally.

Phil Whipps Principal Consultant, UNIFY Solutions

Enterprise Mobility and Security

We help customers design and deploy Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Solutions to enhance their users’ and customers’ productivity and satisfaction.

Every business planning for future success is confronted with the need for a mobile workforce and the demand from customers to access services from any device from anywhere. Identity and security are the fundamental foundations of enterprise mobility systems.

It is important that organisations identify the benefits of their mobility requirements and that the supplier of their IDM can meet all the levels of device management required.

Dilip Ramakrishnan Manager EM&S, UNIFY Solutions


UNIFY Solutions offers our customers a team of security specialists to identify, measure and manage security and privacy risks.

Our customers can no longer rely on network devices to protect their infrastructure. Their ability to manage their identities and entities within their boundaries is the prerequisite for cybersecurity. They are increasingly aware that identity is truly their new perimeter.

Dilip Ramakrishnan CISSP, Principal Consultant, UNIFY Solutions


UNIFY helps organisations achieve an integrated view of information security activities to reduce risk, increase business value, and optimize their use of people processes and technology.

We provide our customers managers with the access management information necessary to do their jobs.

Identity governance products enable organisations to define, enforce, review and audit IAM policy, but also map IAM functions to compliance requirements and in turn audit user access to support compliance reporting.

Craig Gilmour Chief Identity Architect, UNIFY Solutions


Our architects support both your Strategy and Deployment objectives. We have the deep design and cross-vendor skills that are required to address your system and application integration requirements.