Our focus – Secure Digital Identity

Microsoft has launched an impressive capability that enables governments and enterprises worldwide to serve their applications to their citizens and customers with fully customizable experiences, while protecting their identities at the same time. This highly-secure cloud identity platform handles billions of authentications per day, and offers that same scale, reliability, and availability for customer-facing applications.

UNIFY is a global leader in designing and delivering secure digital channel solutions supporting government and enterprise initiatives in this space, based on Microsoft® Azure® Active Directory® B2C. Using our UNIFYSaFe™ processes we design solutions and run both POC and pilot trials to demonstrate its value. We implement and support the solutions we recommend including running components as part of our Managed Services Practice.

Microsoft Azure AD B2C

Microsoft Azure AD B2C is a cloud identity management solution for web and mobile applications. This is a disruptive platform that will render many recently selected platforms obsolete. It is a dynamic global service that scales to hundreds of millions of identities. Built on an enterprise-grade secure platform, Azure AD B2C keeps your applications, your business, and your customers protected.

With minimal configuration, Azure AD B2C enables applications to authenticate Social Accounts (such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and more); Enterprise Accounts (using open standard protocols, OpenID Connect or SAML); and Local Accounts (email address and password, or username and password).