Zero Trust


At UNIFY, we insist on Zero Trust as our security strategy to protect clients in a cloud-centric world. Our relentless dedication to the defining principal of ‘Never Trust, Always Verify’ means we work tirelessly to protect organisation networks attacks from inside as well as outside. All network traffic may be malicious. Access must be granted on the basis of risks associated with each request. The same security checks must be applied to all users and applications throughout the organisation, on time, every time.

Person using two laptops
Identity rules

Identities are the new perimeter, and the best starting point for Zero Trust strategies and your security architectures. For every organization looking to improve their security in a world where remote and hybrid work models are becoming the norm, the foundation of the future of Security is Identity. Using identity as the control plane lets companies treat every single access request as untrusted until the user, device, and other factors are fully vetted.

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