How aware are Chief Executives and Directors of who have access, for example, to administrative privileges over the network of their own business? Do you know your Systems Administrator? Good question. Many people do not and we should.
Malcolm Turnbull
Prime Minister of Australia 2015 - 2018
Keynote on Cyber Security 2016

The Critical Need

Internal employees, or external contractors, are increasingly a source of threat within an organisation.

Analysts claim that in 100% of recent security breaches, a stolen or misused privileged credential is to blame. Privileged account breaches will escalate unless our customers take action now. Privileged accounts are a security challenge and need a comprehensive security solution in place to protect, monitor, detect and respond to privileged account activity.

With hybrid IT becoming the norm and more critical workloads moving to the cloud, privileged access compromise for cloud applications is emerging as one of our customers’ biggest threats. More autonomy and flexibility to business and developers means higher proliferation of privileged access and ‘Keys to the kingdom’.

Privileged Access Management is a critical part of managing the keys to your kingdom. Do you really know who has elevated privileges in each of your business systems?
Sridhar Konduru
Privileged Access Management Practice Lead
UNIFY Solutions

Our Solution

A Privileged Account Management system should be a part of our customers strategic approach and not a “quick fix” as a result of an audit failure.

Whatever the driver, UNIFY’s Privileged Account Management team enables our customers to defend against hackers targeting their privileged accounts. We deliver solutions to meet immediate threats and long-term objectives. UNIFY has partnered with leading software vendors in this niche to address the soaring demand for skilled support.

UNIFY assists our customers select the platform best suited to their business needs. We have deep skills for implementation and support of Quest One Identity, Computer Associates, Saviynt, and Cyberark platforms.