Mobility Solutions

Most of our customers are confronted with the challenge of managing access from a growing range of devices and locations. We are focused on helping customers adopt Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Solutions to enhance their users’ and customers’ productivity and satisfaction.

Our Practice comprises services for workloads in the Microsoft EM+S suite, including Intune (MDM + MAM) and Azure Information Protection. We plan; install; define and customize architecture, rights, and policies; and make the system live for end-users. Our Managed Services Practice provides support for EM&S solutions.

Directory Services

With our customers’ need to assess new technologies such as cloud, mobile devices and IOT, we assist them by focusing on the efficiency of underlying technologies such as directories. However directory infrastructure is a core facility that will make the environment work well and keep users happy, or the opposite.

Cloud First policies can stumble at the first step due to the need to remediate on-premise Directory Services. The challenge is twofold, traditional technical issues around interoperability and more importantly, challenges managing Corporate Governance, Risk, and Compliance.

UNIFY works with Directory Services teams to reduce or even remove the need for large remediation and Directory restructuring efforts.