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Microsoft Corporation profiles customers Mastercard and NZ Ministry of Education

Microsoft features Solutions customers Mastercard and NZ Ministry of Education in its launch of its Citizen Digital Identity description of how its CIAM platform is enabling and empowering individuals and institutions.

MIM to Azure Identity

specialises in assisting you to migrate your on-premises MIM solution to Azure Identity. You will need to migrate to cloud solutions to scale to compete in the digital economy.
Decentralized Identity
Prepare your organisation for the Decentralized Identity revolution. Through our partnership with Microsoft and our membership of the Decentralized Identity Foundation, is ideally experienced to prepare your business for Decentralized Identity.

A hands-off approach to integrating and managing identities in your cloud applications.

Citizen Access

Citizen service is undergoing rapid and systemic change. is focused on assisting governments to adopt the latest technologies to improve the speed, quality and accuracy of the services they deliver, at the same time as benefiting from lower cost models in adopting emerging technologies.

Why now’s the time to secure your organisation’s future with Microsoft Security

Solutions’ Samrat Choudhury, Chief Operating Officer, shares his thoughts on the benefits of Microsoft Security and the future of intelligent security.
Managed Services
To stay competitive, you need to focus your people on business innovation. Operating and managing on-premises or Cloud platforms is does not have to distract you from your core business. Use skills, processes and experience to manage your Identity and Security platforms.