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We are dedicated to solving and managing our customers’ Identity, Access, Security and Governance challenges. We do not supply “B” Teams. UNIFY Solutions offers a level of service, knowledge and experience that is unparalleled. With deep Industry experience across Government, Education, Health, Utilities and Finance, and with customers stretching across the globe, UNIFY Solutions provides strategy, design, deployment, support and managed services.


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We focus on the development of deep skills and depth of support for a range of leading platforms.

Customer Insights

Solutions takes pride in delivering quality Identity and Access Management outcomes for all of our customers. and our customers are pleased to share the following insights gained from shared experiences.


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Meet the team

Liam Schulz
Services and Support Consultant
Liam is a Services and Support Consultant on the Managed Services and Support Team at UNIFY Solutions.
Terry Kimball
Southern Region Manager
Terry is the Southern Region Manager at UNIFY Solutions with over 40 years extensive experience providing IT goods and services to both government and private sector clients.
Hayden Gray
Identity Management Specialist
Hayden is an Identity Management Specialist at UNIFY Solutions with over 4 years experience in the IT industry.
Matthew Dayne
Matthew is an Identity Management Specialist at UNIFY Solutions.
Rajaa Chatterji
Service Delivery Manager
Raj is the Service Delivery Manager (SDM) for Managed Services and Support at UNIFY Solutions with over 17 years of experience as Operations Manager, Service Delivery Manager across Managed Services & Infrastructure Services.
Matthew Davis
Product Manager
Matthew is the Product Manager at UNIFY Solutions with over 6 years experience across consulting and software development.