Optimise Your Resources

We aim to assist our customers become as self-sufficient for support as they wish to be. Many of them want to take advantage of our managed services to enable of deployment of their staff on business initiatives. Our customers have staff who are usually consumed delivering projects for the business or fighting fires. Managers are increasingly interested in Security, their ICT departments have more tools than can be managed and skilled by existing staff, and there are unlikely to be headcount windfalls in foreseeable environments. Identity, Access and Security solutions require niche skills and are time consuming and difficult to maintain. Having limited staff jeopardises customers’ ability to meet their organisational information security needs and forces them into a constant tactical mindset.

Our Approach

We believe that organisations need to keep Identity separate from, yet cohesive with, infrastructure service arrangements. Identity belongs with policy makers, not infrastructure suppliers.

We specialise in managing and supporting Identity and Access Management solutions (24/7 where required) using our UNIFYSaFe™ Managed Service and Support processes. These processes are specifically designed to meet program, project and support requirements. We complement the roles played by infrastructure service providers who usually claim but rarely have IAM skills and, where they have some, they have inadequate depth for support. For example, we have common customers with Fujitsu®, IBM®, CSC®, Unisys®, Telstra®, Optus®, Dimension Data®, Data#3®, Empired®, Datacom®, NEC®, Spark Digital, and Revera.

We specialise in managing Identity and Security Environments.

UNIFY’s Managed Services allow our customers to focus their resources where they are most needed, allowing the experts to take control of their IAM platform. UNIFY ensures that our customers get the most from their technology investments and certainty that their evolving business services can be easily and appropriately accessed in a highly secure and stable environment.

Jeff Nelson Practice Manager Managed Services, UNIFY Solutions


UNIFY Solutions offers robust Managed Services across a range of Identity and Access Security solutions. Through UNIFY'S experience in Managed Services we have developed deep insights into the challenges of supporting these systems, and have used those insights to consistently evolve our offering. Some of our fully customizable Managed Service options include:
  • On / off site 24/7 support
  • ITIL support
  • UNIFYSaFe™ support processes
  • Integration with current service desks
  • Operational intelligence based reporting and dashboards


Benefits of Managed Services for Identity Management include:

  • Improved solution stability - eliminating degradation and costly replacements
  • Complements services from your infrastructure supplier
  • Guarantees solution longevity and evolution
  • Automated access and entitlement management
  • Eliminates need to employ scarce IAM experts