UNIFY Testing framework encompasses a Risk Based Testing (RBT) approach. Leveraging best test practices with UNIFY’s extensive experience across Identity and Access Management, has led to the development of pre-built test suite based on an RBT approach. Test suite is identified based on complexity, criticality, usage frequency and defect prone areas. UNIFY will work with the client to prioritise the existing test cases based on business priority, so the order of test execution follows the technical and business priority. This will help identify technical and business critical defects at an early stage. Risk-based testing is beneficial for time and resource constraints.

To support a Risk Based approach, UNIFY believes in Continuous Testing. Continuous Testing is the process of executing automated tests throughout the software delivery pipeline to get feedback as quickly as possible about the business risks associated with each candidate for release. Continuous Testing extends test automation to solve the challenges associated with a complex and fast-paced development and delivery model.

UNIFY focuses on continuous improvement to fine tune the testing process to help maximise efficiencies. This will enable the organisation to achieve the project target at the lowest cost, highest quality, and fastest delivery timeline. Continuous Improvements include revisiting test cases to eliminate obsolete scenarios; remove repeated test tasks which don’t add value.

Test Planning and Design
Create key test artefacts that will include Test Strategy, Test Plan (define test scope), Test cases, Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) which links Requirements to Test cases.
Functional Testing
Ensure the solution infrastructure, architecture, hardware, software and configuration elements meet the client’s operational requirements.
Non-Functional Testing
Test governance provided to support non-functional test phases such as Load and Performance Testing; Security – Penetration and Vulnerability Testing and High Availability/Failover Testing.
Deployment and Production monitoring services
Delivery of Reusable Smoke and Regression Test suite to assist Production deployment and Business As Usual (BAU) releases.

UNIFY provide quality assurance services to ensure the solution delivery meets quality and security standards. UNIFY will produce quality Test Artefacts which ensures the client is fully informed of the test activities including:

  • Test advocacy during User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and deployment phases;
  • Defect Management; and
  • Test Summary Results with Requirement Traceability Matrix.

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