Many Cloud based innovators have navigated a very difficult 2020 successfully and helped their customers do so as well. Australian Cloud-based HCM company ELMO Software (ELMO) this week announced its acquisition of the UK HR platform developer Breathe thereby expanding its reach to small businesses across multiple regions. As ELMO’s CFO James Haslem stated in his Digital Innovation in Cloud HR and Payroll Paper, ELMO has taken the 2020 pandemic’s pressures in its stride and continued to offer seamless service to its clients. Now it will assist clients across the United Kingdom as well as across Australia and New Zealand.

UNIFY Solutions is very please to offer affordable non-intrusive Cloud-based subscription services such as UNIFYConnect that enable organisations that use ELMO to seamlessly integrate with their Directories to provide very efficient processes for managing starters, leavers and changes.

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