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Meeco was created with the purpose to empower people to own and benefit directly from their personal data. Reward is not just about money; it is what matters to you. Meeco is about helping you gain the insight and have the data to negotiable better outcomes for you and your family.

If our personal data is a currency, and we are the most accurate source of data about ourselves then how much are we worth, who is prepared to pay us and what's the going market rate?

UNIFY Solutions and Meeco are working together to empower individuals to control their own personal data. Through UNIFY's customer identity and access practice, and Meeco's MyMeeco platform, we enable enterprises to give the power back to individuals, and build trust between users and service providers.

Our vision is to create a place for everyone on the planet to get equity and value in exchange for what they share. To make this possible we want to create a sovereign place where people will realise the accumulation of every day data as a growing and valuable asset, for themselves and for their children.

Katryna Dow, Chief Executive Officer, Meeco – from the ‘Meeco Manifesto’

Just as the Customer Identity wave is hitting digital transformation, giving control to people over their own data will be the next. Meeco are ready to catch this wave and UNIFY are excited to be working with them.

Shane Day Chief Technology Officer UNIFY Solutions
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