UNIFY Solutions is proud to have their flagship product Identity Broker named in the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Identity as a Service: Cloud-based Provisioning, Access Governance, and Federation (IDaaS B2E).

Identity Broker is a patented interconnectivity framework designed to help organisations ensure that their IAM systems are able to integrate on a consistent platform. In the cloud, on-premises, or even in hybrid situations, Identity Broker ensures enterprise identity data is accessible for any identity or access initiative. UNIFY has invested heavily in customer success through Identity Broker capabilities over the past 10 years. During this time we have worked closely with industry leaders such as Aurion HRIS and Frontier Software to help transform and enable their customer’s ability to use their HR data as a source of truth to their Active Directory.

I am personally delighted for Identity Broker to be named in the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for the first time. UNIFY sees a growing need for tight integration of legacy and complex applications. Our road map of microservices delivered on behalf of application vendors is the key for vendors to rapidly provide deep integration with Identity as a Service platforms. Our strategy is to complement existing platforms and enable customers to get the best integrations to their best of breed applications.
Shane Day
Chief Technology Officer
UNIFY Solutions

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Shane is a leading cybersecurity strategist and mentor for agile development practitioners. He manages UNIFY’s global technology relationships and guides UNIFY’s product development. He comes with over 25 years experience developing enterprise software solutions.
UNIFYBroker is a platform for rapidly integrating applications with your identity management solution. Provision into more applications to boost the reach of your identity solution, synchronize identities between two or more of your systems, or connect your HR system or other authoritative source for better identity governance.