Today, UNIFY Solutions' Chief Technology Officer Shane Day announced the release of Identity Broker v5.0 to the general market.

“UNIFY is proud of the direction our Identity Broker product suite is taking,” he said. “This release being a major step towards making your application’s identity data available to all enterprise identity systems, whether they be provisioning engines, access management or compliance and attestation reporting.”

“That, along with significant improvements on batched export processing speeds, increases Identity Broker’s reach amongst all industry verticals,” he said.

The major new developments that are available with Identity Broker v5.0 are:

  • A secure, cross-platform LDAP v3 data view, allowing any Identity Management or Attestation platform access your application driven identity data;
  • Significantly improved performance with data exports;
  • Faster import speeds with pre-calculated data views through our extensible and robust modelling engine; and
  • Support for Platform-as-a-Service capabilities such as Microsoft Azure SQL Server, increasing your ability to host anywhere.

Alongside the announcement of the release of Identity Broker v5.0 is also the end-of-support announcement for Identity Broker v3.x, which will no longer be maintained beyond the 30th September 2015.

For any information on the Identity Broker v5.0 release, or the retirement of Identity Broker v3.x, please contact UNIFY Solutions on

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Shane Day
Shane Day
Shane is a leading cybersecurity strategist and mentor for agile development practitioners. He manages UNIFY’s global technology relationships and guides UNIFY’s product development. He comes with over 19 years experience developing enterprise software solutions.
UNIFYBroker is a platform for rapidly integrating applications with your identity management solution. Provision into more applications to boost the reach of your identity solution, synchronize identities between two or more of your systems, or connect your HR system or other authoritative source for better identity governance.