Large companies – including major manufacturers, vehicle importers and finance companies - are increasingly looking to take a hands-off approach to integrating and managing identities in cloud applications.

UNIFY Solutions technology chief Shane Day says Microsoft and other cloud vendors offer great solutions for managing users in cloud applications.

“Customers are starting to see the benefits of using governance controls in Microsoft Azure, linking it to their on-premises applications that are not yet at end-of-life,” he said.

“In this way, they are able to save money and make their applications more secure.”

UNIFYConnect, developed and operated in Brisbane, is a service for connecting identities in corporate applications and providing line-of-business solutions such as accounting packages, document management and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

“This gives better user account governance, provision into more applications to boost the reach of your identity solution, and even the ability to synchronize identities between two or more of your systems,” said Mr Day.

“UNIFYConnect allows customers’ governance teams to treat on-premises applications as if they’re cloud applications. This means the governance controls can be implemented in one place, instead of needing separate systems to cater for both cloud and on-premises.

“It also provides support for on-premises and cloud-based systems including Active Directory and Azure Active Directory, and for customisation including workflows, outcomes and integration with third-party applications and services.”

Microsoft has recently provided an overview of how on-premises application provisioning works.

UNIFYConnect can easily bridge the cloud to on-premises environments using secure networking options.

All data imported from a corporate system is stored in its own tenancy, separate from all other customers, in ISO 27001 certified data stores, with data encrypted in transit and at rest.

UNIFYConnect packages UNIFY Solutions’ analyst-recognized products, including UNIFYBroker and UNIFYMonitor, with our experience and expertise in building and operating identity management solutions, to provide a hands-off, fully managed service.
Shane Day
Chief Technology Officer
UNIFY Solutions

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Shane is a leading cybersecurity strategist and mentor for agile development practitioners. He manages UNIFY’s global technology relationships and guides UNIFY’s product development. He comes with over 25 years experience developing enterprise software solutions.
A hands-off approach to integrating and managing identities in your cloud applications.