From MIIS to Entra

From MIIS (now MIM) to Entra ID External Identities and Entra Verified ID, UNIFY has been with Microsoft all the way. Only a few global partners can claim this distinction but only a couple can claim they have focused on Microsoft Identity as their core business.

Today, with an offering of simple and secure identity management solutions born in the cloud, the options are flexible. UNIFY are still here, helping our customers achieve their outcomes.

From Canberra to Wellington, Seattle to Chicago, London to Singapore, Colombo to Jakarta, UNIFY and Microsoft will be there for you.

Microsoft Solutions Partner

  • UNIFY's Microsoft Solutions Partnership logo
  • UNIFY's Microsoft Solutions Partnership logo
  • UNIFY's Microsoft Solutions Partnership logo

The MIM Team

The MIM Team is a one-stop shop for excellence in the design, deployment, and support of identity, access and security solutions based on Microsoft cloud and on-premise platforms. The team is deeply skilled in the technologies which make up these solutions including Active Directory, Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory), AD FS, RMS, and MIM.

Meet the team

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