UNIFY thanks the Consensus Group and the judging panel for their recognition of UNIFYAdvantage, which streamlines consumer and citizen access to services using the Microsoft Azure platform. UNIFYAdvantage incorporates Microsoft Entra ID and Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C with a host of UNIFY products, processes, and technologies to deliver an agile, secure and cost-effective Cloud identity service.

  • UNIFYAdvantage™ wins 2018 Consensus Innovation Award
  • Judging panel praises UNIFYAdvantage™ as a complete solution.
  • Innovations recognized in the cloud-based solution and consumption-based model.

UNIFYAdvantage™ by UNIFY Solutions has been developed to enable organisations, small and enormous, to scale and secure their digital channel interactions to allow participation in the world digital economy by delivering compliance focused, mobile first and dependable digital channels. UNIFYAdvantage™ is a service and platform catalog, offered as a comprehensive solution and enables organisations, even the largest, to rapidly implement the B2C solutions they need to make access to their services easy.

The performance and ongoing potential of the complete solution was self-evident and quite clearly met the Potential and Performance criteria. The judging panel thought that the way UNIFY Solutions' services have been assembled in the cloud and offered to the market in a consumption model is innovative, compared to other offerings in the marketplace. Hence the Judges confer a Consensus Innovation Award.

UNIFYAdvantage™ is well positioned with strategic partner Microsoft recommending it to some of their largest clients world-wide. The solution offers global coverage with heralded strengths of reliability, scalability, security and privacy only a world-scale digital identity service provider like Microsoft can deliver.

Consensus 2018 Judging Panel
Consensus Group


UNIFYAdvantage is a revolutionary new offering that combines UNIFY’s best practice technologies, processes and people.UNIFYAdvantage gets organisation’s Digital Channels up and running swiftly with no upfront capital expenditure. The Ministry of Education (MOE), New Zealand, and Meeco in Australia are beneficiaries of UNIFYAdvantage and were case studies for the Consensus Awards. These organisations serve vastly different needs but both recognise the importance of cloud solutions and the role of Identity in securing those.

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UNIFY Advantage is also listed in both the Microsoft Marketplace and Microsoft Appsource.

2018 Consensus Innovation Awards

The Awards exist to reward Innovation in Australian and New Zealand industry including manufacturing, engineering, electronics and other sectors and to grow and strengthen Australia’s and New Zealand’s contribution to innovation worldwide. Award recognition can be vital in building the credibility and exposure necessary for locally developed technology to break into new markets. The Consensus Innovation Awards have been developed to provide this credibility by using an open and transparent judging process based on the Consensus Model.

To achieve a Consensus Innovation Award, the technology must be Australian or New Zealand designed and developed and be judged by the invited panel of judges to be Innovative, deliver performance benefits to the user, and have further potential for product or market development. Entrants are invited to present the evidence to the judging panel first through a written and then by direct presentation.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (Creative Commons: Image source) has presented the Consensus Awards twice. In 2017, he spoke about the Consensus Awards:

The Consensus Awards have a history of celebrating some of the most cutting-edge and innovative Australian tech companies, counting world-famous firms Atlassian and WiseTech Global as former recipients. I have no doubt that this year’s recipients will follow in their success.
Malcolm Turnbull
Prime Minister 2015 - 2018
It was an especially proud moment for the UNIFY team at the Consensus awards dinner to receive this Innovation Award which attests to the innovative and ground-breaking nature of UNIFYAdvantage.
Peter George
Director & CFO
UNIFY Solutions

About Consensus

The Consensus Group started in 1999 with a focus of recognising excellence through a range of Awards and Recognition programs. Each program features clearly defined judging criteria, fully independent judges and Awards made on merit with results “Endorsed by Consensus”. We are committed to supporting Australian and New Zealand innovation and enterprise and we provide a development path and the tools for growth.

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