Position Details

UNIFY prides itself on its reputation as a pre-eminent Identity and Access Management specialist company, trusting only the best and most capable, creative and customer-focused technology specialists available to undertake and lead engagements, particularly those involving greater levels of complexity. At this level, the Senior B2C Consultant will be operating at a strategic level making decisions about projects and communicating the journey with the customer, while at all times adhering to standards enforced by the relevant UNIFY Practice Leads.



  • Experience in designing and implementing secure Active Directory and Azure Active Directory solutions.
  • Envision and deploy modern identity solutions (e.g. Azure AD B2C MFA, Azure AD B2C Conditional Access, Azure AD B2B etc).
  • Basic understanding of Azure Security Services (e.g. Azure Advanced Threat Protection, Azure Information Protection, Azure Security Center, Azure Log Analytics)
  • Cloud application development solutions (e.g. PaaS, Serverless, API Management)
  • Continuous integration technologies (e.g. Azure DevOps, Jenkins)
  • Web application server technologies, cloud application design, software architecture and practices; (design/development/deployment, Agile, SCRUM, ALM)
  • One or more of the following programming languages: C#, XML, Java, Node.js, JSON, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails
  • Experience using integrated development environments (e.g. Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code) targeting Azure, Android, iOS, Linux, Windows
  • Experience with scalable architectures using Azure App Service, API Management, Serverless technologies, API management, Microservices frameworks etc.
  • SQL including OSS (Postgres, MySQL etc.), Azure SQL
  • Experience with client-side OAuth protocol libraries such as OWIN, Azure Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL), Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) in any one of their released programming languages
  • Experience with the Authentication Protocols such as OpenID Connect, OAuth2, SAML & Ws-Fed
  • Development and Testing tools like Fiddler, Postman etc.

Service Delivery and Client Experience

  • Work closely with the assigned PM to ensure the project activities are achieved on or before scheduled time and within budget*
  • Take an active role coordinating the team to achieve customer success
  • Work closely with the Practice Manager to ensure best practices and agreed standards are adhered to
  • Mentor less experienced consultants in the team and/or helping
  • Assist the relevant Practice Lead to identify learnings from each project to promote efficiencies and technical excellence across other similar projects *Consideration is given to events beyond your control e.g. customer delays


  • Provide the technical depth required to estimate the envisaged solution matching the customer requirements
  • Ensure the UNIFY Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Statement of Work (SoW) processes are adhered to in all work estimation


  • Provide an escalation point for technical advice and also to provide input to help identify and implement customer solutions
  • Provide level 3 support as required
  • Work with the relevant UNIFY Practice Lead to contribute to speciality discipline frameworks, patterns, and processes to ensure that UNIFY remains globally sought after by customers and partners worldwide
  • Contribute to strategic account plans and raise awareness of UNIFY’s offerings within key accounts and other external forums to develop opportunities
  • Manage customer relationships and exceed customer expectations through delivery of cost effective, high quality, world class solutions
  • Identify and develop efficiencies within relevant disciplines to contribute to productivity enhancements and associated financial improvements
  • Establish and leverage relationships with customers and industry partners to maximise quality outcomes for customers
  • Monitor potential issues and trends through a range of activities including contacts and internet sites
  • Present business cases identifying opportunities for consideration by management

Business Process and Development

  • Provide customers with a consistent high-quality service experience through compliance and adherence to Business Process
  • Manage customer relationships and exceed customer expectations through delivery of cost effective, high quality, world class solutions
  • Present business cases identifying opportunities for consideration by management.
  • Contribute to strategic account plans and raise awareness of UNIFY’s offerings within key accounts and other external forums to develop opportunities

Project Documentation

  • Ensure documentation is stored in the appropriate UNIFY repository, documentation produced as part of a project is UNIFY IP and therefore needs to be centrally stored to enable future re-use and/or reference


The following guidelines apply when entering timesheets:

  • All scheduled working hours need to be entered into Celoxis (at least 8 hours on a normal day)
  • Times are entered against the appropriate Celoxis phase and task. When no code is available immediately seek help from the Project Management Office (PMO)
  • All times need to be entered DAILY and submitted by COB Friday
  • Times entered will be reviewed and approved/rejected by the relevant manager
  • Short Text against the timesheet entry is compulsory and will appear on any invoices which may go to customers
  • Monitor the total time spent on assigned projects by all participants to ensure time is used efficiently and effectively

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

  • Collaborate with key stakeholders to ensure technical disciplines and consulting practice contribute to the successful performance across the company;
  • Improve and develop technical skills by working with relevant UNIFY Practice Lead(s) to develop meaningful IP (documentation, in-house training), especially in areas where there are considerable knowledge-gaps between team members

Learning and Development

As a UNIFY Senior B2C consultant, maintaining the necessary level of skill, capability and knowledge in relation to supported technologies and products is of the utmost importance to service delivery, partnership status and contractual obligations. Furthermore, the Senior B2C Consultant is expected to provide a level of thought leadership and communicate suggested ideas to the consulting group as a whole through the Practice Leads and/or the Consulting Success Manager

  • Construction of a “Learning and Development Plan” identifying goals to be achieved which may include skills, professional certifications, training courses and certified exams.
  • Demonstrate evidence that targeted skills have in fact been acquired as a result of focused development (delivering projects or performing support activities on this technology, etc.).
  • Demonstrate market awareness and ‘over the horizon’ thinking in relation to new areas of business UNIFY should be considering

Communication and Reporting

Effectively communicate with UNIFY Stakeholders and clients on the status of projects. Regular communication and reporting is vital for the successful delivery of a project. Provide input in to thought leadership workshops and working groups to help guide UNIFY towards current and future trends.

  • Regular status reports are generated and shared with the client and UNIFY team and your Reporting Manager as required
  • Status reports stored in the UNIFY shared repository
  • Escalations of project issues, including client dissatisfaction occur early and remediation steps are identified and executed
  • Communicating new initiatives emerging from market trends
  • Overall track record of alignment between work estimates and actual work effort required
  • Must assist/mentor senior consultants in the art of estimation according to the UNIFY SOW/WBS model

Selection Criteria

Qualifications and Experience

  • Bachelor degree in IT or Computer Science (minimum) or 10 years industry experience in the technology field with a background in the design and implementation of complex custom Identity and Access Management solutions
  • Experience with cloud services
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Exposure to Project oversight responsibilities, project management and technical leadership
  • Experience problem solving issues in typical Identity and Access Management Solutions
  • Capable of technical deep dives into infrastructure, databases, and applications as needed, yet cognitively agile enough to have strategy discussions with leadership
  • Hands-on experience with practical implementations of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery tools

Other Requirements

  • Ability to work in Australia and New Zealand, and where UNIFY assigns for Strategic engagement
  • An understanding of and commitment to compliance of Occupational Health and Safety requirements