In 2015, UNIFY Solutions was approached to transition an existing IAM solution in the City of Gold Coast to the new IDaaS cloud offering, using modern software techniques and platforms. The goal of the project was to take the management of the City of Gold Coast’s identity management solution “to the cloud”, reducing their cost of support, as well as allowing the Council to focus on their core business.

The Solution

The City of Gold Coast solution provides automatic synchronisation from Frontier chris21 to Microsoft Active Directory, both hosted on-premises within the council. Active Directory accounts, mailboxes and home folder drives are provisioned automatically after the HR data is picked up, allowing for ahead-of-time on-boarding for staff. Once the start date comes around, the account is enabled to ensure a secure and prompt beginning to their new position. Active Directory accounts and mailboxes are also disabled after a worker’s last day, which provides the peace of mind to the City of Gold Coast that existing employees do not have access to corporate services after they leave.

Outcomes & Benefits

The UNIFYAssure solution operates in the background, with no human intervention. This has significantly reduced the manual workload on Council staff, allowing them to focus on more meaningful tasks.

Further benefits for the Council include significantly lowering their cost of support, ensuring future compatibility with cloud-hosted solutions such as ichris or Azure Active Directory, and significantly decreasing the likelihood of failing a security audit.


Through working with the City of Gold Coast on a cloud-first approach, UNIFY Solutions has proven its capabilities and commitment to innovative software architecture and continual improvement, including for cloud-based and hybrid environments. It has also gained global analyst recognition for this product through leading analyst KuppingerCole, and further enhanced its position in the marketplace for providing world-class Identity and Access Management solutions.

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