Peter is UNIFY Solutions’ Chief Customer Success Officer. With over 35 years of management, solutions development, and architecting experience, Peter is recognised as one of Australia’s leading evangelists for Identity, Access, Security and Governance. He established the original UNIFY Solutions Development Team in 2004 which now oversees the development of the award-winning UNIFYAdvantage™ suite of products. Peter has been responsible for the growth of UNIFY’s portfolio of Identity, Access, Security and Governance customers to over 80 tier one organisations across multiple continents. Peter currently works closely with UNIFY’s strategic customers, and alliance partners to identify cybersecurity solutions that extend their value to their customers.

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Several members of the UNIFY Leadership team will attend the Cloud Identity Summit in Chicago, USA this week. Attending the summit will be CEO Mark Goodall, CSO Peter Tiernan and CTO Shane Day.