I have been working as a part of UNIFY’s Managed Services and Support team which consists of a group of dedicated and skilled individuals that provide ongoing maintenance and support to a diverse range of customer solutions. UNIFY’s Support capabilities is something I am passionate about, and as such, I would like to share a little about why organisations need Identity and Access Management Support and why UNIFY excels in this space.

Who needs Support

If not maintained and properly supported any system will degrade leading to increased operational costs, potential systems failures and data breaches. Even the best-designed systems require ongoing maintenance to operate at an original and functional state. Unfortunately maintaining the level of knowledge and training in-house is extremely expensive and hard to justify for most organisations. Support contracts, therefore, provide the desired level of assurance that system experts (us) will be available when required.


UNIFY Solutions is an Identity, Access and Security firm. Since 2004, UNIFY has been enabling digital identity transformations in organisations and governments in Australia and New Zealand and in key sites globally. UNIFY at its core focus has always been Identity and as such we have a set of deeply skilled staff such as Identity Specialists, Developers and Support staff operating from our capital city centres of excellence. We work with our customers to help them solve their most complex digital transformation and mobility challenges. In addition to offering solutions to such challenges, UNIFY also provides robust support services that ensure continued successful operation.

Our Support Offering

UNIFY’s Support Service enables organisations access to reliable and timely support for their critical identity solutions. The UNIFY Support offering provides access to the knowledge and experience of UNIFY’s 14 years of planning, installing and supporting Identity and Access solutions across hundreds of industries, banking, education, and government organisations.

UNIFY Support provides value through a wide range of customisable and optional elements including the management, service and reporting of: incidents, requests, problems, changes, releases, updates, security and events.

One specific area where UNIFY Support provides value to organisations is through change and release management. A change request can arise from the customer internal teams or from the continual improvement component of UNIFY Support. In either situation, UNIFY provides the necessary frameworks to ensure the correct communication, risk analysis, rollback, and subsequent release of the change is managed correctly in accordance with ITILv3.

When it comes to reporting, UNIFY Support delivers data intelligence and reports through the UNIFYMonitor platform. UNIFYMonitor is a business intelligence platform delivering valuable data insights through a collection of visualizations and metrics. With capabilities such as dashboards, monitoring, alerting and reporting; UNIFYMonitor is flexible and capable of providing insights into any Identity environment. I will be sharing more about UNIFYMonitor soon.

What’s next?

To share a little more information about UNIFY Support and to answer any questions you may have I will be hosting a webinar 24 May at 10:00 am AEST. I’m excited to drive a little deeper into this service at that time. You can also reach out to UNIFY via the Contact Us page if you have any questions regarding our Support Service.

Next month I will be exploring the new UNIFYMonitor platform and sharing some more information how it is changing the way our customers get vital information and alerts around their identity platforms.

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