With the deployment of QBE’s identity management solution across the United States and the implementation of Dimension Data Global’s identity management solution in South Africa, UNIFY’s Identity Broker is increasing its penetration of international markets and dramatically increasing the efficiency and supportability of complex identity management systems.

Customers across Australia and New Zealand have long used Identity Broker as a versatile connectivity framework which enables connectors to be put in place without custom coding and eliminates on-going support costs associated with maintaining multiple integration services. It complements and enhances traditional platforms and also can be deployed as a Cloud-based service.

Identity Broker

Identity Broker is a patented interconnectivity framework designed to help organisations ensure that their IAM systems are not be built on a myriad of bespoke connectors which limit future flexibility, scalability and support options. It coexists with and enhances common IAM platforms. Identity Broker is available for all scenarios ranging from strategically enabling large scale enterprises to integrate on a consistent platform, to tactical solutions such as point-to-point governance of cloud-based directories, available through a cloud service.

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UNIFY Solutions (UNIFY) has been engaged by QBE as a Global Strategic Identity Management Partner. UNIFY, as part of this engagement will provide thought leadership and expertise in extending QBE’s Identity Management Solution to their North American Unit (NAU).