Brisbane, Australia – UNIFY Solutions, a leading provider of identity management solutions, is excited to announce the release of a new video demonstration highlighting the successful integration of UNIFYConnect with ELMO Talent HR. This innovative integration, developed internally by UNIFY to enhance its own operations, is now available for viewing on UNIFY’s website.

The video provides an in-depth look at how UNIFYConnect leverages ELMO Talent HR to automate and streamline HR processes within UNIFY. It demonstrates the significant efficiencies gained in managing employee data and system access, ensuring robust security and operational efficiency.

With this video, we are proud to showcase the capabilities of UNIFYConnect integrated with ELMO Talent HR, a system we trust for our own operations. This integration not only helps us implement information security controls required for compliance, but also allows enterprises that use ELMO Talent HR to achieve the same.
Shane Day
Chief Technology Officer
UNIFY Solutions

The video highlights features such as automated employee onboarding, real-time data synchronization, and enhanced security measures—all designed to reduce administrative overhead and enhance compliance with data protection standards.

The demonstration video available to anyone interested in understanding how integrated identity management solutions can benefit HR operations.

UNIFYConnect/ELMO demonstration


UNIFY uses UNIFYConnect to address the following controls from ISO27001:2022 Annex A:

  • A.5.18 Access Rights Management: Ensuring appropriate access rights for users and managing these rights efficiently.
  • A.5.16 Identity Management: Related to the creation, management, and removal of user identities in systems.
  • A.8.2 Privileged Access Rights: Handling access rights that offer elevated or administrative permissions.

For more information and to watch the video, please visit UNIFYConnect/ELMO.

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