UNIFY New Zealand is proud to be welcomed onto the New Zealand All of Government ICT Security and Related Services Panel (SRS Panel).

The ICT Security and Related Services Panel are a group of industry experts contracted to provide government agencies with ICT services and advice on a range of security and privacy practices. The Panel helps government agencies manage privacy and security issues effectively.

Please visit the Official ICT Security and Related Services Panel page to learn more.

UNIFY prides itself with its membership of numerous government and industry panels and boards across the APAC region and looks forward to working with the SRS Panel members in the future.

Identity and Access Management is recognised as a central and fundamental capability in the operational model for organisations and the cornerstone of Information and Cyber Security strategies, delivering the right people access to the right resources at the right time.
Tomasz Zukowski
UNIFY Solutions NZ

UNIFY Solutions - Your Partner In Identity

UNIFY Solutions is a company of over 65 people dedicated to solving and managing our customers' Identity, Access and Security challenges. UNIFY Solutions offers a level of service, knowledge and experience that is unparalleled. With deep Industry experience across Government, Education, Health, Utilities and Finance, and with customers stretching across the globe, UNIFY Solutions is a leading international supplier of Identity, Access and Security Strategy, Design, Deployment, Support and Managed services. Building upon our 13 years of experience delivering Identity and Access Solutions, UNIFY offers a complete end to end Identity & Access partnership which delivers solutions from strategy and road-mapping to implementation and manages services.

UNIFY Solutions was founded in 2004 on the belief that Identity would become a critical foundation of organisational security. We are now a key security partner for organisations and governments around the globe.
Mark Goodall
UNIFY Solutions

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Tomasz Zukowski
Tomasz Zukowski
Tom is the Security Practice Lead at UNIFY Solutions with over 24 years ICT experience across various industry sectors across the globe.
Mark Goodall
Mark Goodall
Mark heads UNIFY Solutions. With over 35 years management experience in both large and medium-sized organisations across a wide range of market situations and business environments, his areas of expertise include strategic enterprise positioning, general & IT management, and business re-engineering.
Consulting Service
UNIFY Solutions offers our customers a team of industry leading experts and ensures the deepest level of knowledge across cybersecurity and risk.