DATE: Wednesday, September 26, 2018 TIME: 4:00pm AEST, 8:00am CEST

The “Education Sector Logon” service leverages the Microsoft B2C platform for access control to applications used by sector-agencies. There are currently 24 enrolled applications.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to leverage SAML for connections to supported applications,
  • How to manage authentication from the sector IAM data store
  • How to ensure appropriate registration of users
  • How to maintain service levels via continuous testing and monitoring
  • How the technology platform suits your specific needs

Graham Williamson (Senior Analyst and APAC Director) will introduce the topic of customer identity and access management and the importance of an appropriate identity data store. The importance of accommodating cloud-based applications in the access management infrastructure will be addressed.

Shane Day (Chief Technology Officer at UNIFY Solutions) will present on the Ministry’s Education Sector Login brokerage service, describing the components of the system and explaining its innovative features. He will also advise on the learnings of the deployment project.

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Shane is a leading cybersecurity strategist and mentor for agile development practitioners. He manages UNIFY’s global technology relationships and guides UNIFY’s product development. He comes with over 25 years experience developing enterprise software solutions.