UNIFY Solutions congratulates the New Zealand Ministry Of Education on winning the Public Sector Project of the Year award at the NZ Project Management Awards.

The Education Sector Logon Upgrade Project was the most complex IT project in the education sector in five years. The project took advantage of cross-agency collaboration and achieved true technical innovation to overcome the complexity of managing identity and access for a large workforce.

The Education Sector Logon Upgrade Project established a comprehensive central Identity and Access Management (IAM) system that provides secure and privacy-compliant access for over 70,000 verified identities to 24 core business applications (e.g. enrolment; assessment) used across the education sector, and for over 70 machine-to-machine interfaces (e.g. Student Management Systems).

The developed solution is the first Azure Identity and Access Management implementation of its type leveraging Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory B2C cloud-based identity platform. The solution is now considered an asset which could be re-purposed for use by other government agencies.

UNIFY Solutions was the trusted partner which implemented the Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C cloud-based identity service at the Ministry Of Education. UNIFY now operates a Managed Service to support this solution.

The NZ Project Management Awards is presented by the Project Management Institute of New Zealand (PMINZ). The awards seek to recognise the outstanding achievements of individuals, teams, and organisations.

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