How UNIFYConnect enhances Azure integration capabilities

Our focus is on improving our clients' security posture and enabling a “Zero Trust” outcome using Identity and Access as a basis.

Microsoft acknowledges the importance of identity in achieving its vision of Zero Trust for its corporate customers worldwide. They have re-aligned their business structure and program under “Security, Compliance and Identity”. UNIFY was founded on aligning HR workforce activity (joiners/movers/leavers) with Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD). This idea allows so much more as Microsoft builds out the Microsoft Azure Identity Framework.

The Microsoft Identity Framework is built on four core concepts that work together to drive a Zero Trust outcome:

Four core pillars of Zero Trust
Entra HR Provisioning
Ensure Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) accurately represents your workforce
Azure App Provisioning
Use the standard cloud SCIM to provision anywhere
Azure Identity Governance
Bring any eligible identity under Azure Identity Governance (IGA), even vendors and partner guests
B2B Guest Provisioning
Manage your trusted partners and vendors access

You can benefit from the Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) roadmap by aligning to Identity Architecture patterns. This ensures “Modern Authentication” concepts (multifactor authentication, conditional access, and more) are built into every enterprise application user interaction.

Currently, you may encounter limitations preventing you from achieving Zero Trust. UNIFYConnect assists in the following ways:

Achieving Zero Trust with UNIFYConnect
Enterprise Grade
UNIFYConnect is scalable from hundreds to millions of active accounts. It is trusted by organisations of all sizes.
UNIFYConnect is supported by UNIFY’s Managed Services and Support group, 24x7.
Avoid technical debt
Point solutions just add things you need to keep track of. UNIFYConnect has virtually no footprint for you to worry about.
UNIFYConnect can readily be adjusted or swapped out entirely as requirements change and new Microsoft features come online.
Without UNIFYConnect, you could wait years to realise the full potential of Lifecycle Management and Governance for Identity in Entra ID.
Richard Green
Microsoft Workplace Identity Practice Manager
UNIFY Solutions

Azure HR Provisioning

HR driven provisioning is creating digital identities based on a human resources (HR) platform.

Most enterprises have a “Hybrid” Active Directory. Today, Microsoft only supports two HR systems with their Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) Provisioning Service.

What is HR driven provisioning

From What is HR driven provisioning with Azure Active Directory? | Microsoft Docs

UNIFYConnect offers a similar hosted approach for familiar global HR platforms such as Workday and more regionally focused HR platforms such as Frontier Software chris21, Aurion HR and Payroll and ELMO Talent Management. Don’t wait for Microsoft to address your organisation’s HR. Implement the UNIFYConnect option, so you don’t have to wait to see if Microsoft support your HR system in the future.

WorkDay Provisioning

From Tutorial: Configure Workday for automatic user provisioning with Azure Active Directory | Microsoft Docs

Azure App Provisioning

Azure App Provisioning creates digital identities (user profiles) in a target application. This is done using a protocol called System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) for many modern applications. SCIM is supported by many major identity platforms and current, popular Software-as-a-Service applications. Many applications do not yet support SCIM. Some even have no plans to implement it. Many business-critical applications are still on-premises with limited integration options. No SCIM support means no App Provisioning for those apps. With UNIFYConnect, you don’t have to wait. Let our technology integrate using existing methods and hook your applications up to Azure App Provisioning SCIM interface. All without adding to your on-premises footprint. UNIFY has architected and built many solutions with other Identity Management platforms. These integrations have previously been made using UNIFYConnect technology but using a different API gateway protocol. Today, those same integrations can be plugged into Azure using App Provisioning.

Azure App Provisioning

From Understand how Application Provisioning in Azure Active Directory | Microsoft Docs

Azure Identity Governance

Azure Identity Governance (Azure IGA)’s Entitlements Management suite helps you meet Compliance, Security and Audit requirements. It provides request based access, access reviews and segregation of duty features necessary to ensure the timely access at the right time.

With Identity Lifecycle Management in place, we have a solid foundation for Azure Identity Governance.

With Azure and UNIFYConnect live in both Cloud and on-premises; with one control plane!

Enhancing Azure IGA
Authenticating and authorising users with on-premises AD.
SCIM Provisioning
Use Entra ID’s (formerly Azure Active Directory) SCIM provisioning to provision directly to legacy on-premises applications.
External party access
Manage provisioning of your vendors or partners using authoritative sources, or workflows, whether they are in Azure, or on-premises.
Attribute-based Access Control
Manage access controls for Cloud and on-premises applications from one location.

B2B Guest Provisioning

Your HR system looks after your employees. What looks after your vendors, partners and suppliers?

Using UNIFYConnect and Azure IGA, you can now look after B2B access to your applications. This can include assigning guests to org units and managers within your organisation.

A Complete Azure IGA Solution

UNIFYConnect teams with Azure IGA to provide a complete Identity Governance solution.