Which systems does it support?

UNIFYConnect currently support an ever growing list of connected systems

Which corporate directories does it support?

UNIFYConnect currently supports Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) and on-premises Active Directory (AD). If you have a corporate directory which is not supported, please let us know and we’ll update you when support is added.

What do I need to have?

You must have your connected systems and corporate directories. These also need connectivity to the internet, see “Do I need to install anything?” below for more details.

Do I need to install anything?

UNIFYConnect needs to be able to connect to your connected systems and corporate directories. If both of these are cloud-based or accessible from the internet, then you won’t need to install anything. If they are on-premises and only accessible from inside your corporate network, then you will need to install software to enable connectivity. This can be either our on-premises agent which connects to the UNIFYConnect service, or VPN software to allow the UNIFYConnect service to access your corporate network.

Where is the service hosted?

The UNIFYConnect service is a cloud-based service, hosted by Microsoft’s Azure cloud hosting offerings. Your tenancy will be hosted in data-centres nearest to you. For customers in Australia, this is the Australia East and Australia Southeast regions.

How secure is the service?

All data imported from your corporate systems is stored separately from all other customers. We use ISO 27001 certified data stores, and data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

ISO27001 is the international standard for ensuring data security, meaning that your data is protected by data security experts and you can rest assured that your data remains exactly that – your data!

We plan to implement this functionality with our own developers. What does your platform offer that ours wouldn’t?

There are numerous benefits:

  • As a Cloud based service it is rapidly and cheaply deployed;
  • It is fully supported as a Cloud based service;
  • Extensibility with other Identity-as-a-Service offerings;
  • Integration without compromising your connected systems;
  • Real-Time, Bi-Directional integration with your connected systems including custom attributes (depending on your connected system);
  • Road map and strategy, future proofing version; and
  • User community and shared experience.

We have developed this functionality with our own developers. What does your solution offer that ours doesn’t?

UNIFY Solutions’ UNIFYConnect platform removes several key risks that you current face:

  • In bespoke developments, your organisation’s IP lies with the developer(s) that designed and implemented your solution. The operational and future enhancement of your system is dependent on individuals, not on the depth of service that comes with Commercial off the shelf solutions;
  • The UNIFYConnect platform provides a full solution support program.
  • UNIFY’s platform future proofs version compatibility with low cost subscription;
  • Your peer-to peer connector is unlikely to facilitate effective integration of your HR system into an enterprise wide system in future phases;
  • Out of the Box, UNIFYConnect can provide Real-Time, Bi-Directional integration with your HR system (system dependent); and
  • Implementation is a configuration exercise, not a development one.

How do I avoid lock-in?

Your major investment, and commitment, has been in deciding your corporate systems. Now that you’ve made that investment, the focus needs to be on ensuring you leverage options to minimise risk and operational costs. UNIFY’s UNIFYConnect solution achieves this and complements your investment in your systems. The solution has no impact on the technology choices being made by your organisation and will integrate easily into the platforms of most identity management platforms.

After the agreed initial period, you can terminate your agreement with 60 days’ notice.

What warranty do we get?

The Service Level Agreement with UNIFY specifies the expected up-time and throughputs of the service, with penalties to UNIFY if they are not met.

How do I get support?

Since its introduction in 2007, UNIFYBroker has proven to be a very low maintenance solution. However, platform support is included as part of the UNIFYConnect subscription fee, and is provided by highly skilled support engineers from UNIFY Solution’s Support Centre.

What other software do I need for this solution?

Nothing. You only need make your connected systems accessible either through firewall rules or by using a VPN from our Cloud Datacentre. We provide everything else.

What do I get for the subscription fee?

As well as the peace of mind from having an identity management soluion, you will get:

  • 24x7 Access to UNIFY support knowledgebase;
  • Ability to directly lodge issues and monitor their progress in the UNIFY Support Systems;
  • Expert assistance from UNIFY team familiar with the product;
  • Access to UNIFY 1300 support number or email support if other channels are not available; and
  • Regular reviews and health checks showing a summary of performance and operations.

What if I can’t meet all of the prerequisites, or don’t know how?

UNIFY can be engaged with packs to assist with your readiness, with service items such as:

  • Solution planning and configuration;
  • Business Analysis;
  • Readiness Reporting and Recommendations;
  • Active Directory data cleansing and preparation; and
  • Anything else that you might need assistance with.

More questions?

Let us know, we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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