Explore the latest advancements with UNIFYConnect – a comprehensive guide to the beta, main, and future development phases. UNIFYConnect introduces a host of enhancements and new features aimed at elevating performance, security, and integration capabilities for businesses worldwide. Stay ahead with insights on upcoming features paving the way for the future of UNIFYConnect. Dive into our roadmap to discover how UNIFYConnect is setting new standards in identity management data modelling.

Current Roadmap

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UNIFYBroker Beta Phase

The Beta phase of UNIFYBroker 6.0 focuses on substantial improvements and new features aimed at enhancing performance, security, and flexibility. These features will be included in the next release of UNIFYConnect.

Feature Description
.NET 6.0 Framework Update Migration to .NET 6.0 framework to leverage the latest performance, security, and platform enhancements.
UI Modernization A comprehensive update to the user interface for improved usability and modern look.
Complex (JSON) Data Type Support Introduction of complex data types like JSON for richer data manipulation and storage.
Join Transformations Enhancements Enhanced capabilities in join transformations to support more complex data relationships.
Performance Improvements Various optimizations to improve the speed and efficiency of data processing.
API Security Enhancements Strengthening of API security measures to protect against emerging threats.
SCIM Gateway Rewrite Complete rewrite of the SCIM gateway to support more flexible schema definitions.
Log Writer Enhancements Updates to log writers for improved logging capabilities and performance.
Configuration and Schema Management Enhanced tools for managing configuration and schema changes more effectively.
Provisioning and Synchronization Improvements Improvements in provisioning and synchronization for more reliable data handling.
Connector and Adapter Enhancements Updates and new additions to connectors and adapters to support a wider range of integrations.
Minor Documentation Improvements Targeted documentation updates for clearer guidance and support.

UNIFYConnect Beta phase

The Beta phase of UNIFYConnect 1.1 provides the following enhancement:

Feature Description
Operational Intelligence improvements Improvements to the operational intelligence platform will allow more accurate monitoring of platform activity.

Main Development

Main development shows releases of major components to market.

Feature Description
Enhanced Microsoft Entra ID connector Further enhancements to ensure seamless integration with Microsoft Entra ID services.
Enhance SAP SuccessFactors connector Additional improvements to the SAP SuccessFactors connector for enhanced performance and compatibility.

UNIFYBroker Development

Looking ahead, UNIFYBroker’s development roadmap includes ambitious features slated for future releases.

Feature Description
On premises Entra UNIFYBroker can be used as an Extended Management Agent for Entra solutions, replacing using MIM as a bridge.
UNIFYConnect Bridge UNIFYBroker can be used as a bridge to a UNIFYConnect instance, enabling cloud uplift of existing on-prem solutions.
.NET 8.0 Framework Update Future update to the .NET 8.0 framework to stay at the forefront of technology advancements.
UNIFYBroker 6.1 Release - 2025.H1 Planned release of UNIFYBroker 6.1, marking the next major milestone in the platform’s evolution.

UNIFYConnect Development

Feature Description
Customer self-service Customers will be able to use outcome driven user experience to on-board and adjust their configuration.
Azure Marketplace activation Activation and billing of tenancies will be available through Azure.

The roadmap outlined above highlights our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. Stay tuned for further updates and enhancements as we progress towards these exciting milestones.

Note that this roadmap is subject to change. UNIFY will review the accuracy of this roadmap regularly.

Please contact us for any questions you have on the UNIFYConnect roadmap.