Key features
Identity as a Service
With UNIFYConnect, we monitor and operate your identity management environment, so you know you’re getting the most out of it.
Reporting and Alerting
Get a clear view of what’s really happening in your identity management solutions with UNIFYMonitor, and get alerts when things go wrong.
Support for 25+ Applications
UNIFYConnect can connect with over 25 on-premises and cloud-based applications out of the box and is extensible, allowing you to integrate more of your applications into your identity management solution. More applications are added regularly.
Cloud identity protocols
Bridge your on-premises, or even cloud applications, using a SCIM gateway. Your applications look just like a SCIM enabled application to Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory).
Real time
Identity data is available in real-time, or if your connected systems don’t support real-time it can be cached.
Lightweight Synchronization
UNIFYConnect allows automatic synchronization between connected applications, helping you ensure data is consistent across your applications.
Fully Extensible
Almost every component in UNIFYConnect can be extended, from application connectivity and data transformation right through to reporting.