Interviewed for CMO magazine today Vaughan Paul, Optus Vice President, Digital Consumer, profiled the Optus and Mastercard partnership for the Mastercard ID service and discussed some of the complexities of digital identification.

He stressed the drive towards innovation, security and convenience for Optus’ customers. Paul outlined Optus' participation in the ID network, firstly with a desire to ease verification of user’s identity whilst transacting with Optus. Mastercard ID provides Optus with a low-friction and secure way of establishing trust with new and old customers. Optus also believes the added benefits Optus customers will get from participation in the network will grow rapidly as more organisations join the service globally. With nearly 6 million customers of the My Optus app, this provides an attractive number of participants for others looking at joining the network.

Mastercard’s Vice-President for Cyber and Intelligence Solutions and Digital Identity, Mallika Sathi, outlined the drivers for end-users looking to use the ID service. By using facial recognition to establish identity, the service provides a way for users to confirm their identity without having to hand over any physical documents. By connecting with Australia’s myGovID and other government services worldwide, a truly global service will provide an equitable digital identity for everyone.

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