Quality Solutions

UNIFY Solutions is committed to providing customers with benefits flowing from 13 years’ successfully solving significant Identity, Access and Security challenges. We believe that organisations should not have to commit resources to solve common problems that have already been solved. Accordingly we offer a range of proven high quality repeatable solutions that assist rapid deployment, ease of support and flexible scalability.


Your corporate systems contain your organization’s most valuable assets, after your employees, so it’s important to manage who has access to them. The risk of inappropriate access is not only that ex-employees still have access well after they’ve left, but also that your new and current employees don’t have access to the systems they need to do their jobs effectively.

Connectivity Frameworks

Repeatable Integration Solutions in the cloud, on-premises, and hybrid reduce custom development, increase the speed of deployment and improve supportability. You gain from past experience.

Identity Broker takes the complexity out of identity management; enabling system administrators to focus on value creation – instead of error prone, menial tasks; and leveraging human resources information to streamline and automate business processes.

Adam van Vliet Product Manager, UNIFY Solutions

Automated solutions for ichris / chris21

Drive Identity in your Enterprise from ichris. Identity Broker is a powerful, technology agnostic and extensible solution that automatically updates your AD.

Identity Broker for chris21 is designed to add further functionality and value to chris21 in the area of Security and Identity Management, enabling it to seamlessly connect to any identity store independent of technology and architecture.

Nick Southcombe General Manager, Frontier Software

UNIFY Health Framework

UNIFY Health Framework™ is a repeatable foundation solution for the Health sector that provides a scalable Health Foundation Solution to meet specific Health organisational IAM requirements.