Enabling business innovation through digital transformation, and reducing risk, cost and time is the UNIFYAdvantage. UNIFYAdvantage allows you to focus on what you do best with the reassurance your Cloud platforms are managed by the experts.

UNIFY Solutions contributes 15 years of experience with Digital Identity and operating environments to give you this advantage.

Your UNIFYAdvantage package may contain the following components, depending on the service catalogue of your choice.


UNIFY’s test-driven deployment methodology UNIFYRapid™ delivers the right outcome, time after time. Post-deployment, the same tests continue to monitor your solution for quality.


UNIFYHost looks after the infrastructure that supports you Cloud workloads. Focus on business innovation, while knowing we look after continuous availability. Future growth is taken care of with our experience scaling Cloud platforms.


UNIFYAssure is a service that helps you better manage access to corporate systems in your organization. UNIFYAssure is included in UNIFYAdvantage solutions where provisioning or synchronization are required.


UNIFYOperate keeps you running. The ITIL and certification backed methodologies ensure any potential risks and issues are identified and dealt with swiftly.


Let your solution speak to you. Get a clear view of what’s happening in your identity management solutions. Every UNIFYAdvantage service has UNIFYMonitor to keep it a well oiled machine.


UNIFYTrust is the policy framework that ensure trusted identities are using your solutions. Get secure integration with many service providers and applications. Our architects have already done the hard work ensuring repeatable outcomes.


Microsoft Partner - Gold Cloud Productivity; Gold Cloud Platform; Gold Application Development; Gold Datacenter; Gold Messaging

Microsoft Partnership

UNIFY has been a long time Partner with Microsoft, with all the right competencies to ensure you get the best outcomes using Microsoft's product and service offerings. Find out more about our partnership.

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